Saturday, July 31, 2010

Save or Splurge?

After stocking up on several toiletries and other such items last week, I thought a little bit about why I buy what I buy. Specifically, which products I choose to splurge on and which products I try to save on. Here's a breakdown of a few items:


Body lotion: I put lotion all over my body every day, so I go through lotion like it's going out of style. And I've tried my share of brands. Ultimately, I choose to go with the generic version of the Vaseline lotion product and I've never been disappointed with it.

Shampoo & Conditioner: I've tried lots of brands of these products too. Some I will never again use (Pantene) and some I like a lot (John Frieda). But I am a TRESemme user now. I really like the product and how it makes my hair feel and act...and you really can't beat 40 fluid ounces for less than 4 dollars. I have to say that if I hadn't found a "save" option for my hair that I liked, I would definitely splurge in this area.

Body Wash: I have been using Ivory Moisturizing Body Wash (it's a liquid, not the bar) for years and I love it. It has a nice clean scent, it leaves my skin feeling great and can't beat the size of the bottle for the price. It's husband-approved too (it doesn't smell like flowers or anything).


Body Lotion: Yep, it's in the splurge category too. I use the generic lotion on the majority of my body, but I am such a sucker for Bath and Body Works lotions and body creams. Sometimes I will use them everywhere, but most often I find I get more than enough scent by just using them on my arms. I love these more than perfume so this splurge is well worth it for me. Plus, I hardly ever have to buy them for myself...I get them for gifts all the time, which is fine with me!

Eye Shadow: All of my makeup is of the grocery store variety, with this one exception. I used that kind of eye shadow for a while and ended up going back to my old faithful...Clinique Eye Shadow Duo. This is hands-down the best eye shadow I have ever used. I love my stand-by colors and the formula is so smooth. I have given up trying to find anything cheaper that stands up to it. So, I definitely splurge on this one.

Razors: I pay for convenience on this splurge item. All razors are expensive, but the Schick Intuition razors that have the conditioning bar built into them (in place of shaving cream) are probably the most expensive. I am fine with that. Because for one thing, I don't have to buy shaving cream. But more importantly, I don't have to use shaving cream. It's such a pain in a small shower when it runs off before you've gotten to that part of your leg to shave. And traveling with just a razor is great too. I have been spoiled with this product and will never go back.

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Mary said...

You are too funny! I am a TRESemme user too, and you can even save more if you buy the HUGE pump bottles at Sam's!