Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Baby} Gadget Favorites

These three things have been so essential to me these past three weeks. Well, not essential in the truest sense, but definitely really, really helpful. And I did not have any of them when I had Ethan two years ago.

1. Itzbeen. I heard about this thing a little while ago and when I got some gift certificates to Buy Buy Baby (where it is only $19), I decided to go ahead and get one and give it a try. I couldn't really imagine that it would be that helpful, but it really is.

What this thing does is start a timer every time you push a button on it. There is a button for the last time a diaper was changed, when a feeding started, when the baby started sleeping, and a bonus timer to use for whatever you want. There's also a small light that you can use in the middle of the night and a switch that reminds you which side the baby last fed on if you are breastfeeding. And there's a clock as well.

In the hospital, when the nursery nurses are bugging you all the time about when the baby last had wet/dirty diapers, fed (and for how long), etc., this device is invaluable. Instead of having to write anything down, or worse yet...remember anything in the fog of having a baby, you just push a button and then refer to the Itzbeen when they ask. Perfect.

When we got home from the hospital, I stopped using the diaper timer because I felt like it was unnecessary. No one was asking me about it anymore and I could tell we were okay in that department. But, even now (three weeks later) I use both the feeding timer (so I can glance down and see how long Logan has been feeding and also about how long since he last fed - although we are not on a schedule of any kind!) and the breastfeeding switch. And when I was still taking pain meds, I used the "bonus" timer to tell me how long it had been since my last dose. So, you can definitely live without the Itzbeen, but it does make things so much easier. I love it.

2. iPhone. This is not a designated baby gadget, obviously, but it has been so handy while I'm feeding Logan. There is so much at my fingertips on the iPhone. It allows me to do so much while I'm stuck on the couch or in bed in the middle of the night (in the dark) breastfeeding. I can check my email, read blogs, check facebook...you know, all the really important things that I must get done!

And then, when Ethan is restless, he can sit next to me and "watch pictures" (videos) that we've recorded on there...which he loves. Furthermore...and perhaps most importantly, I can read on my iPhone...in the dark without an additional book light. And with one hand. Perfect for middle-of-the-night feeds. I've already read four books on my phone. It's much easier to hold while breastfeeding than a book or the iPad, and like I said, I can read in the dark with it and not wake up Casey with additional lights. And, no, the screen is not to small for me to read comfortably.

3. Moby Wrap. This may not exactly fall in the "gadget" category, but whatever. Logan, unlike his brother, really likes to be held. Right now he is really not a fan of his swing, bouncer seat, car seat, etc. And there are certainly times when I don't have the luxury to just park it on the couch and hold my baby until he falls asleep. I have done my fair share of that, but the other boy sometimes needs things too and he doesn't always wait until Logan is sleeping. So, the Moby Wrap has come to the rescue for me.

It also helps put Logan to sleep quickly when he's fighting it. And it lets me be hands free on those few occasions that we've ventured out of the house together, which is important when you have a 2 year old. I used similar slings/carriers with Ethan for similar purposes and I plan to do a review of the three I've used soon. In short, I love that the Moby Wrap is both extrememly versatile and comfortable.


Anonymous said...

I really like this post! I concur about the iphone being super handy when nursing, etc... I was wondering did you buy an app in order to read books on it. Tell me how this works please!

I'm glad to hear you like the Moby wrap. I have a Mei Tai carrier, and I've used it some, but I think it will be more handy when Caleb is just a tiny bit bigger. I might try the Moby the next time around. I was worried the Moby would make both of us terribly hot. What do you think about this?

Unknown said...

Kristen...I use the Kindle app to read books on my iPhone (it's free), but you can also use the iPhone default app (iBooks) to read as well.

The Moby Wrap can be warm, but I've found that to be true about the other two slings/carriers I've used too. Carrying a baby right next to your body like that is just warm! But I have not found this to be a problem.

Mary said...

Been itching to try the Moby Wrap soon, so I am glad to hear you like it! And let me tell you...I am in LOVE with the Itzbeen and I have never even used it! You should hear the crazy things I did to remember which breast I last fed on!!!