Friday, August 06, 2010

Boy Bed

Ethan calls his big boy bed his "boy bed" and he has been sleeping there for several weeks at least...I can't remember when we made the switch. And I've slowly gotten the rest of his room together and things on the walls as I could. There are a lot of (big) walls in that boy's room so it took a while.


His bedside lamp is a red lantern that I found at Canton a while back. My mom got a similar lamp in a different color for the lake house. The bedding is from Target (clearance...yay!) except for the red pillow with his name on it, which is from Ballard Designs. The red wagon shelves (below) are from Pottery Barn Kids (clearance again!).


The hubcap, licence plate and vintage car postcard are all ebay purchases. Actually, I have a really cute red vintage skateboard that I got on ebay to add to that wall either below or above the licence plate map (which I got at Target), but I haven't figured out how to remove the wheels to hang it up yet.


You will notice that there is absolutely nothing on his book shelves or bedside table...and that is on purpose. Ethan is such a little stinker that he will play with anything at naptime or bedtime to keep from going to sleep. So we don't keep toys or books in his room except what is out of reach and mainly for decoration. It's kind of a bummer to me because the shelves look funny without anything on them, but Ethan's sleep is much more important to me!


I framed the cute cowboy picture that I took of Ethan out at my parents' lake house and coupled it with the words from "you are my sunshine," which I made up in Photoshop and printed on regular paper. The frames came from Michael's and were 50% off when I got about lucky. The little red car frame is from Hobby Lobby and the bear was a present from Mimi and Pop before Ethan was born.

And here's a close-up of the trio of pictures above his bed. I took these one day at a park. I love these pictures of our boy. You may recognize the middle one from a previous post.



Heather said...

It looks great!!

Christina said...

You did such a great job! I love his room. I think it's great you were able to get so many of those things on clearance, also. Jonathan and I were just talking tonight about sleep expectations when we have kids, and I referenced how you have wisely kept everything out of Ethan's reach so he will go to bed. I think it's a smart plan!

Dara said...

Love Ethan's room! Great job! I look forward to seeing it in person sometime.