Tuesday, August 17, 2010



When Casey looked at that picture above, he asked me how in the world I got Ethan to do that. You see, our biggest boy is not much into picture-taking right now and it's even more amazing that he would put his arm around baby brother and hold still long enough for me to snap a few frames. Behold the power of the bribe. I told him I'd give him some animal crackers if he would let me take a couple of pictures. It doesn't always work, but this time it did, and I got a sweet picture of my two boys.


Since we've been home, Ethan has become more interested in Logan. He is still not what you'd call enthusiastic or overly affectionate with him, but he has held him and he talks about him often. For example, he'll say that baby Logan is "sad" when he cries. And sometimes he asks, "where baby Logan go?" Just to check up on him, I guess.


I think he is now aware of the fact that baby Logan is here to stay and I think he is okay with that. He has still been his sweet self and has not acted out, which is great. We're trying to spend some special time with just him (especially me) since newborns are inherently time consuming.



Emily Cade said...

cute! Ethan has so much hair!!!

Heather said...

So sweet! I am glad that he seems to be adjusting well!

Mary said...

That is a great picture of them! Even with Logan's eyes closed you can see how much they look alike! Can't wait until you bribe hime to take more!!!

Abbe said...

what a great picture! looks like ethan will be a great big brother!

Christina said...

I love these pictures. It will be neat to see how they change as they both grow.