Friday, August 27, 2010

Quality Photos

These two pictures were taken a few days ago with my iPhone and are straight out of the camera (or phone, as it may be) with no editing at all. Obviously, the quality is lacking...they are pretty grainy - especially the one of Ethan - because they were taken in fairly low lighting and with a camera phone. Still, I LOVE these pictures of my boys. Ethan is being his cute, silly self, wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses...upside down. And I caught my sweet Logan smiling...and you can see his dimples! So maybe the "quality" of these photos isn't so bad after all.




Heather said...

LOVE the dimple!!

Christina said...

So sweet!

Lindsay said...

They are great. I am glad you captured the moment - hard to get quality perfection when you are trying to capture the moment. You caught the moment, and they are perfect!

Christina said...

They're perfect - such cute little boys!