Sunday, November 14, 2010

Logan: 3 Months






Weight: 14.8 pounds
Height: 24.5 inches

At three months old, Logan is as cute as can be. He is very sweet and snuggly and responsive. He smiles and laughs and talks to us, especially right when he gets up from a nap. He is really into spitting bubbles but doesn't spit up much else, which is nice. He's gotten SO much better at not being held all the time, but we still like to cuddle him. He lays on his play mat and really goes to town batting and kicking the toys hanging down. He remains enemies with his carseat, and Ethan has gotten really good at ignoring his cries in the car!

Logan is great at putting himself to sleep for naps and bed. And I believe our littlest boy is beginning to follow in his brother's footsteps...he has started to suck his forefinger in his crib as he's going to sleep. Ethan starting with that finger too and then migrated to his thumb. Neither of my boys showed much interest in a pacifier, although I'm not giving up on Logan just yet. But I'm also not worried about the possible finger habit either. I love our precious little boy and I'm doing everything in my power to enjoy every single moment of his babyhood.


Christina said...

Oh my goodness - he's just adorable!

Emily Cade said...

What a cutie! Love those eyes!

Mary said...

I love how roly-poly he is getting!