Friday, November 12, 2010

Get in There!



Summer took these photos of Casey and I with our kids. I love them. I hope Ethan and Logan will love seeing them when they're older. At the very least they can make fun of our fashion and hairstyles! Or complain about what I made them wear for photos...whatever.

Let me just say should be in pictures with your kids. I's not easy. I will be the first to admit I have not always done a great job with this. Some days (a lot of days) I'm not wearing make-up. Some days I'm wearing a sweatshirt. Most times I pick up the camera, I'm thinking of Ethan and Logan and not even considering getting in that photo with them. But who cares what I look like? I know the boys don't.

I've seen several friends posting pictures of themselves with their kids recently...bravo. (Go see what Embrace the Camera is all about.)

Use a tripod and timed shutter release. Ask your spouse, friend, mom, or neighbor to take the photo. Hold the camera way out in front of you and your kids together. When you have professional pictures taken, be sure to get these shots. However you accomplish it...just be sure that you occasionally get photos of the special relationship you have with your kids (dads too). It's these fleeting days (and the days to come as well) that we'll want to look back on and remember them in our arms. It's important. Us with our kids.


Christina said...

These are great pictures! I need to remember to get in the pictures myself, because, like you, I'm the one usually holding the camera :).

Mary said...

So true, I am NEVER in pics with my kids! I need to work on that!