Thursday, November 25, 2010


As I sit here at a quarter to 7 (sounds much better than 6:45 to me) in the morning at my parents' lake house, it is still dark outside and everything is so quiet. It's Thanksgiving Day and I know that later on, there will be quite a bit of noise...the good kind. Of food cooking, people chatting, the football game on TV. Besides my son (Logan) sleeping from 6:30pm-6:00am last night (yesss!), there are many things I am thankful for:

My husband, who is not only my love, but my best friend and partner.

My two sweet boys, who make me smile every day and who truly light up my life.

My parents and Casey's parents who love us and still take care of us.

My friends, who I know I can call at a moment's notice if I'm in need.

Our house that is no only a roof over our head, but a haven for me and a home for our family.

My Jesus, who gave everything for me and loves me like no other.

There are many other things, but these are the highlights! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today full of food, fun, and family!

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