Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Talking Shopping List

Ethan and I did eventually venture out to Target last Saturday during the big thaw. So did everyone else in the area, apparently. This photo does not fully represent just how many people were there.


We did have a fun time picking up a few items and just being out of the house. I really like shopping with Ethan at this age. He still sits in the cart and is so fun to talk with while I'm shopping. He still doesn't ask to buy anything and is happy to just have a snack and water while I stroll around.


And I discovered that he can be really useful during a shopping trip too. When we were in the car on the way to Target, I asked him to remind me to get super glue before we left because I hadn't written that down on my list. (And I always forget things that are not on my list.) I was sort of just kidding...I didn't really expect him to remind me or to even remember himself. But he did. After I had gotten everything else, I remembered that I needed one more thing, but I couldn't think of what it was so I asked him. And he said, "super glue!" Cool. This will definitely come in handy.


Mary said...

My kids do that too, but it is usually the things THEY want (like Milk or Eggos) that they remind me!

Christina said...

That's so cute!

Lindsay said...

That's it! Ethan is coming shopping withe me from now on. :) That is great.