Friday, February 04, 2011

Ice, Snow, and Firetrucks


We woke this morning to about 4-5 inches of snow on top of the ice we already had. (And it's still coming down.) Target trip today. I am crossing my fingers that we can do it tomorrow.

Anyway...I opened the front door to take a few commemorative shots of the snow outside on our street and just as I did, a firetruck came sliding (literally) down our street and parked right in front of our house. They were apparently answering a 911 call from a house across the street. We called Ethan to come look at the truck, which he loved. Unfortunately, one of the firemen slipped on the ice under the snow and totally wiped out in the middle of the street while he was carrying quite a bit of equipment.


We looked at the truck, Ethan pointed out all the parts and equipment, and then I quickly took a few photos of the street. Apparently the bunnies and squirrels were hopping and running around our yard last night, because I noticed plenty of cute little bunny and squirrel tracks in the snow.



Christina said...

Wow, that's an interesting string of events! The squirrel and bunny tracks are so cute :).

Lindsay said...

Oh you must live in a happy neighborhood! If squirrels and bunnies are hopping and running about, you live in a happy neighborood. :) Well, at least we get snow this time to be stuck in the house. The ice was no fun, but this is kind of fun.

Emily Cade said...

The snow is so gorgeous!!! Going more than a few days without going to Target is hard to bare, I know, but at least you have that gorgeous view!!!

Melody said...

We had some tiny tracks of our own, too. Looked like some kind of bird. So cute! I hear it's about to get really cold and arctic yet again. Stay bundled! Love you guys!