Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Logan 7 Months







It's been almost two weeks now since Logan turned 7 months old, so congratulations to myself for getting this up before he turns 8 months. He got sick at the beginning of this 7th month (his first illness) so I waited to take his photos, although he was pretty much as sweet as ever.

This month Logan began to crawl and now makes his way toward anything and everything that is dangerous (outlets, Ethan's small toys, electric cords, etc.). He has also started pulling up on things (what?) like his crib and the coffee table. I am not ready for that yet! I have not even begun to get used to the crawling yet!

Logan still does not like to eat "real" food. The only things he has even show even the slightest preference for are peas and sweet potatoes. But for the most part he clamps his mouth shut when he's in his high chair. I might think it was funny if it wasn't so frustrating! He does like puffs, though, and had his first of those about a week ago.

This little boy could not be loved more and we are so thankful for him. Of course, Casey and I adore him, but his big brother is smitten too.

Weight: 17.8 pounds
Height: 26.5 inches


mindy said...

sweet boy!! i LOVE the pouty face pic! we've had lots more luck with fruit around here lately...

Lindsay said...


Christina said...

That little boy is gorgeous! I'm glad you posted the pouty picture... I love the bottom lip! Can't believe that he's pulling up on things - wow!

Anonymous said...

Love these sweet pictures. I especially like the one of him in the basket with the big smile!