Friday, March 11, 2011

Observations on Illness

We just thought we could get through this cold and flu season without getting sick. And then, our whole family got an uncommonly nasty cold, which of course, includes me. Usually I never get sick. And if I do, I'm usually able to power through and just get on with life. That was mostly true this time except for about one whole day of misery. Now that it's behind me, I can reflect on a few truths about family sickness...

I did not cook for three nights in a row. Wonderful and not wonderful at the same time.

If I had a nickel for every time I have said, "Ethan, cover your mouth when you cough, please." this past week, I would be a millionnaire.

Wiping snot...I'm over it. Although our 2.5 year old knows how to blow his nose relatively well, he does not like to do it.

I had no idea what a symphony of coughing sounded like until this past week. It turns out that it's not that great of a sound, actually.

My rules on TV-watching go out the window when sickness hits. Everyone feels better just laying around and watching TV. We've watched Cars three times. It's a good thing I love that movie.

I learned that Vicks rubbed on the top of the feet with socks put on over it seems to provide some relief at night for the boy. (Thanks for the tip, Mary!)

I am SO thankful that Logan waited to get sick until the rest of us were on the mend. Now, I have so much more energy to cuddle and take care of him because I feel better.

Thank goodness for husbands and moms. They both totally picked up the slack for me...especially on Sunday when I was at my worst. Thanks for the meals, extra hands, and loving on the boys.

It's ironic that sleep is so elusive when you have sick kids, because it is what usually what makes me get well the fastest.


Christina said...

I'm sorry you guys were sick. Glad you're over it! And I've heard about Vicks with socks on the feet, too...I should try it next time.

Lindsay said...

OH I am so glad you all are better. No fun! Blake really puts us through it. Yes, Vicks on the feet is amazing.