Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day


Yep, I watched it. (Not at 3am...that's what the DVR is for.) I love weddings. Especially ones with historical significance. Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married when I was about 6 months old...30 years ago. And people still clearly remember that day. And I will probably remember this day when I watched Prince William marry Kate Middleton. I was ironing some clothes, folding some laundry and just hanging out with my boys. Ethan watched some of it with me and was quite interested in all the fanfare. He waved at the Queen when we saw her waving and made his first attempt at a British accent. Logan even watched some when he wasn't napping. And I finished it up during afternoon naps for both of the boys with a cup of tea (okay was long).

I totally loved watching all of it. I love the tradition, the pageantry, the hats, and THE dress (timeless and stunning). It was fun! It also made me miss London a little bit. I am so excited for the day that we get to take our boys to London to see these historical landmarks they saw on television today. I cannot wait for that.


Mary said...

One of my friends copied me on the sermon, it was good too! I can't believe it was so....christian!

Emily Cade said...

LOVED the Royal Wedding!!! Stayed up till 4am watching it! Can we please start wearing hats and "facinators" in the states??? I'm a total Kate fan. LONG LIVE THE ROYAL COUPLE!!!

Emily Cade said...

Ps- it too, made me miss London. I loved seeing West Minster (sp??) and knowing how everything looks around it, how it feels to be there.

Dara said...

Loved it as well! It was so much fun watching it with the girls! They were asking all sorts of questions. They couldn't believe that there were actual princesses outside of Disney World! They were very upset that the couple didn't kiss in the church, but loved that they saw the kiss on the balcony - twice!