Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad Taught Me...


That ice cream and chocolate are the 6th food group.

That someone in the world does indeed like Marmite.

The adventure of trying new foods.

How to ride a bike.

The "I Will Make You Fishers of Men" song.

That Hunt for Red October should definitely be one of the classics.

A love for traveling.

That being on time means being at least 5 minutes early.

What tacking and jibing mean.

The meaning of hard work.

That taking time off is important too.

How to mix cement.

That mission work is important and worthwhile.

The meaning of generosity.

That you should always eat breakfast.

That education is important.

That Aggies tell the best Aggie jokes.


Supermom-In-Training said...

Great post!

Emily Cade said...

Rachel!!! You look just like your dad!!!