Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Before I Had Kids...

Before I had kids, I said I would never...

Keep toys in the living room. But I do. We even have a playroom, but we still keep some toys in the living room. And you know what? They don't bother me at all like I thought they would. I was just convinced that I could never tolerate my kids taking over every room in the house. Well, they haven't taken over every room, and toys in the living room just makes sense for us.

Let my kids watch DVDs in the car. Yeah, well...that former self had never taken a road trip with a toddler or preschooler before. And while there certainly are other creative forms of entertainment for long car rides, a show or movie works great too. Why not? They are life savers. Seriously. Why was I so opposed to this?

Push my kids in those giant car-shaped grocery carts. I guess I thought that I would be caving to my kid's whim if I decided to go with the "fun" cart. And I held out for a long time...until I had two kids, in fact. Sure, they are harder to steer, but when it keeps my kid(s) completely occupied (and not running around the store) for the 40 minutes we're in there, I'm all for it.

Put my kid on a leash. Okay, I still haven't done this. But I completely get why someone would!

Let my baby dictate MY schedule. I thought I would never let my kid prevent me from going out or doing what I want to do. But now I'm a nap and bedtime nazi! During this season of my life (having babies and young kids), working around naps and bedtimes is just part of the deal. Sure, I don't always have the freedom to run errands when I want or pop here and there whenever I want, BUT...my kids are so much happier (and healthier, I think) when they get the rest they need...and that makes mama happy too!

I told myself I wouldn't JUST blog about my kids. I occasionally blog about something other than my family. But, my blog is (and always has been) about my life. And guess what is a big, huge part of my life now? My kids. So, they're on here a lot. And I have this crazy daydream of my great grandchildren pouring over my blog books (my plan is to have it printed at some point). I would have loved to look at my grandparents' diaries to see what their life was like. And what my parents were like as kids! But even if that doesn't happen, it will be a pretty cool record of our lives right now just for me.

So my lesson is an age-old one...never say never.


Emily Cade said...

Very interesting, Rachel! And I have to say, I don't necessarily care to read people's blogs who blog "all about their kids", however I've never considered yours to be one of those. In fact, in discussing this topic with others, I always say "like my friend Rachel, she has kids AND a blog, but doesn't make it all about her kids". And you know don't. I think when we refer to those "all-about-kid" blogs, it's the type of blogs that the blogger is completely blind to the fact that there is a world out there outside of their kids. Like they're out of touch. And I mean, to each their own, but I am impressed by your balance of kids and still being your own person. Work it Rachel!!!

Christina said...

I love these, and I am SO with you on the DVDs in the car. Yes, we let our 5 month old watch DVDs (Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...we discovered Owen loves Mickey)! But when you have a son who DETESTS his car seat, you need any and all forms of entertainment, especially when you travel alot during the summer (like we have). Granted he can only keep his attention to them for 5, 10 minutes at a time...it is oh so helpful! And I would love to see you push around the big car grocery cart...that will be us someday I'm sure.

Lindsay said...

My blog is totally about family, but that is why I blog. Just like you it is designed for our family to remember, and who knows maybe our offspring's offspring's offspring might be interested in it as well. :) You have kept a great journal from day 1, and you are a big reason I blog today.
I don't know that I never said never b/c that just takes too much effort and it never works out. Pun intended.

Mary said...

Oh man can I relate to this post! So many of them are true, and I have lots of others (like given them just a pop tart for breakfast...). But one thing you learn with kids is to let the little battles go!

And a side note, I think we should find all those "super" mom's out there who secretly set the expectation that long road trips ought to be done without DVD's and invite them to sit in each of our cars! Seriously though, I did feel tons of pressure like I am a huge failure as a parent if I had to resort to that...but each person needs to do what is best for their family!