Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Worm

There are several things these photos bring to mind that I want to remember about Logan.


Just like Ethan was at this age, he can't stay away from books. We keep some books downstairs, some on these shelves in the playroom, and a basket of books in his room. Logan raids them all. So far he has not done any damage to them, but oh, does he love to "look" at books. And pull them off the shelf.


Logan sits with his knees bent under him like that all the time. Looks uncomfortable to me, but he must like it. Also, he still giggles when we read books to him. He especially loves flap books, of course, but no matter what book it is, he always finds it amusing. In fact, I have been known to recite some of his favorite books to get him to smile for photos. And it works!



susanfair said...

Logan is so sweet and he does go for the books when he sees them! What I remember is the way he is sitting in the last picture. He actually springs up and down. Rachel, you did the very same thing at his age-with the books too!

Christina said...

Beautiful! That's neat that he does the same thing has his Mommy ;)!