Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Shepherd Boy


A few weeks ago Ethan attended his first VBS at the church where he goes to preschool. They had a one day Bible Marketplace and he had so much fun. All the participants had to dress up in Bible time clothing. I "made" his costume from a pair of pillowcases that I got on clearance for $3 at Target. I just cut out the arm and head holes. I had the brown fabric left over from another project so I just cut a couple of strips to act as ties for the tunic and head piece.

Ethan loved his costume and was so proud to model it for Casey. He was happy to see his preschool friends again and told me when I picked him up that he had seen a camel. And that was entirely true. They had a live camel at the marketplace. It's hard to get much information from him about exactly what else they did, but I could tell he had a great time.


Rabelers said...

love the get-up! great job momma!

susanfair said...

Love this! He loves to dress up and to see a camel-wow!

Christina said...

Cute idea on the church's part... and CREATIVE idea on the costume. Perfect!