Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Telling Stories

The other night at dinner Ethan and I were taking turns telling stories. He has learned this skill mainly from Casey, who tells him stories all the time, but especially at bedtime. I was getting so amused by Ethan's stories that I secretly put my iphone on the table and started recording him. It is just a sound file because he gets completely distracted when I try to video him, so you can't see his face when he's telling it. But I am SO glad I caught him doing this. This is a story know I will want to listen to over and over again...especially when he no longer thinks it's cool to tell stories to his mom and brother.

Click to hear Ethan's Story


Here is the story transcribed (run-on sentences and all) because I know it's hard to understand a 3 year old if you are not his parents:

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He named mommy, and daddy, and Ethan, and monkey came downstairs to the living room and they want to go swimming. And mommy and daddy came downstairs. And (mumbling). And they're playing outside. And then one....and they knew there was a storm coming up. They have to get out of the storm. And the storm stop. They want to go outside again. They have so much fun. And it's getting late. They have to come back inside and take a nap. (Snoring sounds.) The End. I need to do it again!


Christina said...

That is so stinkin' cute! Good story, Ethan!

Christina said...

He is so expressive when he talks! I wish some of my first graders would do that!