Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paper Boy #2


When Ethan was a baby, he loved to go through the trash in our office. I posted about it in February 2009. Why would I let my baby rummage through the trash? Because the trash can in our office is essentially a paper recycling bin since that's the only thing we "throw away" in there. (We do actually empty it into our recycling bin).



Now Logan has discovered the fun of playing with paper. It's the first thing he looks for in the office now, which is a welcome change from the computer power button. Just like his big brother, Logan has the best time taking out sheet after sheet of paper and waving it around. Lifting them up in the air and sometimes putting them back into the bin. Only to take it out again, of course.




Sometimes I let him sort through the paper for a while because it really occupies him. And sometimes, I put the trash can up on the desk because I don't want to have to pick up all the paper after Logan the tornado comes through.


Christina said...

So much fun! Cute pictures of your sweetie!

Rabelers said...

It's the little things! Love the photos!

Mary said...

Sometimes I wonder why we buy our kids toys at all, when things like this is what they really love to do!

Lindsay said...

I agree with Mary. Everyday items - we often think of as junk - makes the best toys. Can you say, "Thank you for junk mail." ? Ok - this may be only a thankful item until he is too old to be occupied by it. :) Ha Ha