Monday, November 21, 2011

Rain Gazing

A couple of years ago I took a photo of Ethan peering out our front door at a rain storm. For some reason, that photo struck a cord with me. I love it because it shows his sweet little silhouette, his awe and wonder at the rain, and his chubby little arms reaching outside:


And here is Logan, at the same age, looking at a rain storm we had last week. I love it for all the same reasons. This toddler age is just the greatest:


And then here is Ethan, almost exactly two years from that first photo. I guess looking at the rain is still fun/mesmerizing:


And now, two brothers peering out together:




And holding hands. They have no idea how much that makes me smile:


PS - These photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera) except for sizing/sharpening for web.  I didn't see a need to edit them. And although skipping that step felt funny, it was kind of nice too!


Unknown said...

Cute! I like skipping the editing when possible. I agree, these didn't need it. Beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful! I love it when I don't have to edit either. These definitely don't need it. Rain is mesmerizing these days - it is a rarity to see it. :) I love that kids remind us of simple pleasures.

Christina said...

The photos are absolutely perfect, as-is. My favorite is the last one!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I love how you capture precious moments for each one and the together ones are the best! I want all your pictures!!!!

Kelly aka Sew Lambitious LLC said...

I love these photos!
Kelly on FB