Monday, December 19, 2011

The Most Wonder-full Time of the Year


This year, I put our Christmas tree up during the boys' nap time right after Thanksgiving. When they woke up, they were both in awe when they came downstairs. Now, Ethan turns the lights on by himself every morning. He proclaimed that his responsibility and he is really proud of it. Usually it's the first thing he thinks about in the morning..."mommy, I have to go turn the lights on." Good morning to you too, son.


Logan has done really well with the tree this year. He is right at 16 months old and he is very good to just touch the ornaments with one finger (that's our rule). He still gets to explore it a little, but not in a destructive way. I have put our tree out with our same ornaments each year even when the boys were/are little and it has never been a problem with either one of them. I do put the breakable ornaments up high, but we don't actually have very many of those...most of them are plastic or other materials, which is nice. But the boys still don't take them off the tree. Somehow they've been able to handle the rule. 




Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! So sweet!

susanfair said...

Nothing sweeter than seeing the boys in their footy PJ's looking at the christmas tree! Love these pictures-Rachel you always seem to capture the moment! Love the twinkling ligts too! Looking forward to this weekend!


Christina said...

Love the flare from the lights... makes it looks like snow!