Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Indulgent Weekend

It has taken me almost two days to get back into reality after this past weekend. That's because Nonnie and Papaw (Casey's parents) kept Ethan and Logan at their house Friday and Saturday night. And Casey and I had almost one of the best weekends ever. Not to say that we didn't miss the boys, but we packed so much fun into the couple of days that they were gone. And I'm pretty sure they had fun too.

On my way home on Friday (after dropping off the boys), my mom called me to see if I wanted to go get a manicure and pedicure. I did. It's something I rarely get the chance to do. After that, we decided (on a whim) to go to a nearby antique "mall" that we've been wanting to check out. It was really cool and we spent about an hour in there just roaming around. Definitely not something to do with children in tow.

That night my family got together at Kobe Steaks to celebrate my birthday. After dinner, Casey and I went to see a movie. Our first in many, many months. In fact, we couldn't remember the last movie we saw...we are pretty sure it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, which would have been July last year.

Saturday, we slept in. That is a huge indulgence and I loved every minute. Even though I was wide awake at 7, I didn't have to get up. I got to read in bed for a couple of hours before getting up to shower. Then, we headed to have brunch at a favorite spot over by our old house. We both had appointments for hair cuts that day, so we did that after brunch, and then went to another movie. Two in one weekend. Amazing.

Then, we checked into the Gaylord Texan hotel for the night and went to dinner at their Old Hickory Steakhouse. The food was amazing. By this point, we could not believe all the things we'd been able to do in such a short time away from our boys.

We watched another movie that night in the room and slept in the next morning. Then, we packed up, checked out, and headed home to see our boys! Logan was asleep when they pulled up and went straight to his nap. Ethan was talkative about his weekend and shared some of his favorite parts.

It's hard for kids to reenter the realm of home (with parents) after being in the fun-zone at their grandparents' house. But, they've done well and Casey and I are still on a high from the amazing time we had. Since both sets of grandparents love to keep our boys, we've decided that we're doing this at least one more time this year!


Emily Cade said...

Sound like you really know how to take advantage of free time! I love your balance!!! I'm curious what two movies you saw this weekend! Glad you had fun!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, friend! So glad you had a special weekend to celebrate it!

Christina said...

How wonderful for the two of you! This sounds like a weekend in paradise ;)!

Rabelers said...

That's awesome! So nice to take a break and get rejuvinated!

Dara said...

Sounds fabulous! So glad you had such a great celebration!

Mary said...

We are doing that this weekend! We do it once a year...it is a definite must! We don't see movies often either, we were just having a discussion about that the other day! I think I just prefer to be in my pj's and my bed to watch movies! :)