Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

I'd like to include a photo or two (or 10, like usual) with this post, but I didn't actually take any this weekend. But we had the best time and got so much done:

We had a "splash" morning in the back yard on Saturday...sprinkler sprayer, water slide and the slip 'n slide. Even Casey and I took a turn on the slip n slide, which thrilled the boys. A last nod to summer on the first day of September.

Stored the blow-up pool and slip n' slide in the garage for the winter. See you next summer, splash toys.

A picnic lunch (in the living room) at home while watching the latest Pioneer Woman cooking show on Food Network. The boys love the show and they always watch to see if Charlie makes an appearance because they are big fans of his book.

I worked on the new website for Rachel Cooke Photography, which is still under construction. But I made a lot of progress.

Family movie time. We ate popcorn and watched Finding Nemo.

Made a small, but big-impact adjustment to the playroom.We moved the costumes from a big bin to hanging on hooks on the wall. It makes them much easier to find and use...costumes are used almost daily in our house. At what point did something like this become a big deal in my life? Wow, definitely in the throes of parenting small children right now. And that's ok with me!

Got the fall decorations out of the attic and put them up around the house. Ethan loves pumpkins so he was more than willing to help me with this job. 

Made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I actually sat down long enough to watch all of the first marathon of Sarah's House: Season 4 that I recorded on Saturday (four episodes). And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just love Sarah's designs.

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