Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Explorers

My mother in law got each of the boys an explorer vest for Christmas. They both love to dress up and they both love to collect things outdoors. So, these vests, with tons of pockets, that make them into "explorers" for the day are so much fun for them. Paired with their binoculars, the vests have come out on several exploratory journeys around our neighborhood.

 photo IMG_5387_zpsf4edbd24.jpg

Logan almost always holds his binoculars upside-down and backwards. 

 photo IMG_5388_zpse7a364d9.jpg
Ethan decided that their vests needed to have their names on them. So I got a Sharpie for him and he was so proud to write his name on his vest...

 photo IMG_5392_zps142b3093.jpg
...and Logan's name on his vest for him.

 photo IMG_5393_zpsba4a4669.jpg

Spotting a bird up in the sky...

 photo IMG_5418_zps97dcf246.jpg

I found a stick, mama!

 photo IMG_5425_zps8b6e51ca.jpg

And a glove!

 photo IMG_5436_zps08d3c0dd.jpg

I love how these next four photos show how funny and random kids are...at least this kid...

 photo IMG_5437_zps839760ea.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zpsc7f1dda9.jpg

 photo IMG_5440_zps9cfc1384.jpg

 photo IMG_5441_zps23549335.jpg

After a brief rest on the ground in the warm sun, they were back on their feet exploring. They made it home with leaves, acorns, and at least one flower from a weed in their many pockets.

 photo IMG_5447_zpsd4ab5261.jpg

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