Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentines Day (2013) In iPhone Photos

Some parts of Valentines Day were special...others were rather mundane. Here's a look at what I (we) did on this Valentines Day:

Started the day taking photos with all my valentines...

 photo vday1_zpsdbab3d38.jpg

Then, after preschool store, unpacking groceries, and laundry. This would be the mundane part of the day. 

 photo vday2_zps35eda5f7.jpg

A spontaneous (and very quick) lunch with Casey at Cane's.

 photo vday3_zpse78603b0.jpg

Right after to class parties at preschool. Ethan's class made "love bug" hats (you can just barely see the antenna attached to his "hat").

 photo vday4_zps0e817e2e.jpg

Logan was most proud of the pencil he got in his Valentines treat bag. He's still playing with it today. I love how both of the boys juice boxes are in their photos...the only time they get these is at class parties because I'm a mean mom and we don't drink those (or any juice) in our house.

 photo vday5_zps051c1e58.jpg

After school, Mimi (who met us at the parties at school), took Ethan home to spend the night just for fun. So, Logan and I headed home to change into PJ's and cuddle on the couch. No nap and feeling a little under the weather makes Logan even more cuddly than normal. Yet still as silly as ever.

 photo vday6_zps8024a4cd.jpg

After the little one went to bed, I finished up a special dinner for us...Filet Oscar-style (topped with crab and Bearnaise sauce), lobster mac and cheese (this was yum), and roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic and parm. For dessert, hot fudge pie a la mode.

 photo vday7_zps41c6bcb7.jpg
(PS - ever since I started preparing our steaks the right way several years ago, all has been right with the world. If you're still grilling your filets, you might want to take a stab at this preparation instead.)


Colleen said...

um, your meal looks delicious!!!! Your hubby must have loved it. have a nice weekend!

Emily Cade said...

Love it!!!