Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A Day in our Life: March 2013

It's been just a little more than a year since my last "day in our life" post. I decided a while back that I'd like to try to do these once a year until the boys are older (and maybe even then.) I can't tell you how much I love looking back on my previous "day in our life" posts. The remembering of daily moments and then the actual documenting of them during that day helps me slow down and appreciate this time that I have with my boys while they are little.

Right at 7:02 am, Ethan comes into our room and tells us, "mommy, daddy, my green light came on." We're still using the "Ok to Wake" clock because it's still working for us. Ethan doesn't (usually) come out of his room until the clock says he can. By the time he sees his green light, goes to the bathroom, and picks up a few toys, it's two minutes past seven when he enters our room. (That wall color in our bedroom and the fabric on the chaise have already changed, by the way...thank goodness!)

 photo IMG_7107_zps6da79732.jpg

After he wakes us up, Ethan will sometimes ask if he can get some grapes from the refrigerator and I say "yes." Then, I stay in bed another 15 minutes while he eats his grapes and plays with his toys. At some point around that time (7:15 - 7:30am), Logan wakes up. So, I head upstairs to change him and get him up. He's in a bed, but we keep his door locked (from the outside) during the night so he doesn't roam around. (But we've got a monitor in his room so I can see/hear him anytime.)

With smiles like these from both boys first thing in the morning, there's a pretty good chance it will be a good day!

 photo IMG_7121_zps93828eab.jpg

 photo IMG_7128-1_zpsd92362bf.jpg

7:30 am - By the time Logan and I head back downstairs, Ethan has pulled three of the four chairs from the breakfast table into the living room to make a fort. This is not normal for this time of the morning, but he got the idea into his head to do it, so he did. That's Ethan...one track mind and very determined.

 photo IMG_7132_zps55e05a27.jpg

But this keeps him occupied while I get breakfast ready. The boys are always more than ready for breakfast in the morning. I cannot make it fast enough for them.

 photo IMG_7140_zps1ee41a89.jpg

7:40 am - Oatmeal is in the works. Logan bypasses the fort and comes straight to the kitchen to sit on the counter while I make breakfast. Every single morning he does this. Partly because I think he's really hungry, and partly because he just likes to be close and "watch" whatever I'm doing.  He'll say, "I watch you, mama." 

I realize that this photo exposes me as a mom who will sit her 2.5 year old son on a kitchen-height counter, right between the knife block and a kettle of boiling water. The chances of a catastrophe are pretty high here. Usually he does not sit there, but he wanted to watch the water bubbles...I stayed close. 

 photo IMG_7147_zpsc4ccd006.jpg

 photo IMG_7155_zpsd0caed34.jpg

While we're waiting for oatmeal and fruit, yogurt is a good first course for breakfast.

 photo IMG_7170_zps7c925d5b.jpg

 photo IMG_7177_zpse920527c.jpg

7:50 am - When the boys are all set and eating, I make my breakfast, which varies daily. On this day, I was having vanilla yogurt and Kashi GOLEAN Crisp! Cinnamon Crumble cereal. (This is not an official plug for the cereal, I just really love it.)

 photo IMG_7182_zps04e2cab2.jpg

8:15 am - Breakfast is almost over and this particular day is a Wednesday, which means that it is laundry day. I spend a few minutes gathering laundry from all over the house and start a load. I usually do 4-5 loads and then I'm done for the week. Except for the occasional unplanned, but necessary, load.

 photo IMG_7185_zpsf8b42e13.jpg

8:30 am - Casey leaves for work. Sometimes earlier than this. The boys and I have a tradition of going to the garage to say goodbye when he leaves in the morning. We've always done it.

 photo IMG_7198_zps2ba4d00f.jpg

 photo IMG_7204_zpsc57cab8c.jpg

I feel like this next picture of Logan waving to Casey is one of the reasons I love documenting our whole day. Because otherwise, I would not have my camera at this moment and I would have missed capturing it. A moment that happens so often in our lives and is just so sweet. I'm thankful to have it in photo form now.

 photo IMG_7221_zps0b9a4bc9.jpg

8:35 am - Breakfast is finally, offically over and the boys take their dirty dishes and such to the sink area. Logan has just mastered this "chore" in the past few months. Sometimes he does it with a smile on his face (like below). And sometimes he needs a little prodding to "remember" to do it.

 photo IMG_7223_zpsa62e6ef7.jpg

8:45 am - After a quick clothing change and the addition of shoes, the boys are sent outside to play. It's a beautiful, sunny morning, but still a little chilly. They are both wearing their "pirate" pants...$5 sweat pants from Target that I cut to be jagged at the bottom for their pirate day at preschool. They are wearing those because they actually love them...and because it's laundry day and there are no alternatives!

 photo IMG_7240_zps81f59b0b.jpg

 photo IMG_7243-1_zpsf7e879f9.jpg

Normally, after the boys go out to play, I take a few minutes and get the kitchen back to square one...all the dishes away and clutter cleared. But today, I go outside with them first to take some photos. They used to want me outside to play with them, and sometimes they still do, but at their ages now, they have such a great time playing together. It's awesome.

 photo IMG_7258_zps239578ad.jpg

 photo IMG_7266_zps41053ba1.jpg

It seems that Logan felt that the pirate pants would not be complete without the pirate hook.

 photo IMG_7274_zps0dd938cf.jpg

Neither one of the boys can swing on the swings by themselves yet. Sigh. Is anyone else frustrated with teaching their kids this skill? Maybe it's a complicated concept...back and forth with the legs, lean back and pull up with the arms. Well, I don't expect Logan to do it yet, but Ethan has taken forever to teach. He's still not there. So, when I'm not outside to push them, this is how they swing...

 photo IMG_7296_zps5bc747a1.jpg

 photo IMG_7302_zps72ab26c6.jpg

Except today Ethan is feeling very brotherly, so he pushes Logan, which totally thrills him. Both of them, actually.

 photo IMG_7336_zps92db8e2f.jpg

 photo IMG_7354_zps3efcca73.jpg

 photo IMG_7397_zps652ed08f.jpg

It kills me that Logan (my baby) can climb this rock wall by himself now.

 photo IMG_7415_zpsfe2d63c9.jpg

If you haven't noticed in the previous photos of the swing set/fort, the boys have taken to "decorating" it with sidewalk chalk. My first instinct (months ago when they began) was to tell them not to do that, but then I thought, "why not?" And I couldn't come up with a legitimate reason, so I let them do it.

 photo IMG_7419_zpsf2a197cc.jpg

9:20 am - After spending a little time with the boys outside, I go back inside to get a few things done. Tidy the kitchen, start another load of laundry, touch-up vacuum the kitchen and living room floors (with the stick vacuum). And paint some sample squares of paint on my bedroom walls. In the photo below there are 8 color samples. I would end up with 12 on the wall before I finally made my decision. Just for the record, that's the most (by far) I've ever had to try before picking the right one.

 photo IMG_7446_zps144188e9.jpg

10:15 am - The boys come inside. Often, they will play outside even longer than this and I have to make them come inside to eat lunch. But today, they wanted to play with the (inside) fort, which apparently is not much of a fort with the sheet completely falling down. We've done better.

 photo IMG_7370_zps7844e2f7.jpg

Just Logan being Logan...

 photo IMG_7373_zps4ea40a51.jpg

10:30 am - After they're done with fort-play (which only lasted about 15 minutes), I strip them down and turn on a show. They have a snack of Kashi granola bars. We obviously don't normally have our kitchen chairs in the living room, but since they were already there for the fort, I pulled them over. Kids like doing new and different things like that and sure enough, they stayed put for the entire 25 minute show. I took a shower during that time.

 photo IMG_7460_zpsd2c4dbcb.jpg

11:00 am - After the show, snack, and my shower, the boys get their own bath. This time, it's in our master bath tub. The boys love occasionally taking baths down here because it's a bigger tub than theirs. And also that new and different thing again, I think.

 photo IMG_7477-1_zpsff1bffa8.jpg

 photo IMG_7481_zpsfb8f492e.jpg

 photo IMG_7486_zpse69effae.jpg

11:20 am - The boys are out of the tub and I get Logan dressed (Ethan takes care of this himself.) Remember how I said that Logan likes to be around to watch whatever I'm doing? He likes to sit on our dressers in the closet when we're getting ready in there. And play with the lint roller too.

 photo IMG_7492-1_zps02f6068d.jpg

11:30 am - On a whim, I called Casey at work to see if we could have lunch with him. He said we could, so we changed from our house slippers into real shoes and got in the car.

 photo IMG_7517_zpsb300946b.jpg

11:45 am - We picked Casey up from his office and took off to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Petra.

 photo IMG_7528_zps1e8e131d.jpg

12:00 pm - This face is common for our Logan. He's such an emotional kid. So happy one minute, and crying over who knows what the next. So, it was no surprise that he was crying about something here. Don't remember what it was.

 photo IMG_7531_zps4eacf262.jpg

A quick pic with daddy before our food arrived. We did have our chips and queso, however, which was partially responsible for the sunnier outlook for Logan. Ethan is no-nonsense (mostly) at meals. He likes to eat and like most other tasks in his life, he does it wholeheartedly.

 photo IMG_7542_zps00e9d8a4.jpg

 photo IMG_7545_zps86dd9765.jpg

 photo IMG_7550_zps42d59ee9.jpg

12:40 pm - Finished with lunch, we load up the car again, drive daddy back to his office, and head home. 

1:00 pm - Back home, the boys put away their shoes and head upstairs for nap and rest time. I put Logan down first. He still takes a nap (most days). He sleeps anywhere from 1.5 - 2 hours if he's at home in his bed. He still likes to be rocked too...and I am happy to oblige.

 photo IMG_7557_zpsd63e58fe.jpg

Ethan stopped napping several months ago, I think. I can't remember exactly. But he still has rest time for at least 1.5 hours every day. And he needs the down time. I let him play with his new leap pad (got it for Christmas) during this time as well as read books, color, or play with some toys quietly in his room. Ethan is really good at playing in his room by himself, so this switch to rest time instead of actually sleeping during nap time has been seamless.

 photo IMG_7559_zps7712e9b2.jpg

1:15 pm - I sit down at my computer most days during nap time. Usually it's to edit photos or just take care of general things. Sometimes read blogs. It's my down time too. Occasionally I'll prep dinner or shuffle laundry (did a little bit of that this day to keep it going). There's always photos to edit, personal or professional, so any given day, that's probably what I'm doing. 

2:45 pm - Ethan gets up from his rest time and brings his stuffed alphabet letters into my office to play. Sometimes he'll do that while I continue to work until Logan gets up. Usually we don't have to wait very long for that.

 photo IMG_7571_zps553855f0.jpg

But, while we are waiting, I make my oldest take a photo with me.

 photo IMG_7582_zps25db6aa9.jpg

3:15 pm - We hear Logan stirring on the monitor (squealing, actually), so Ethan and I head into his room to get him up. Then, both boys head off to the playroom at my suggestion. I have them both pick out a few books for me to read. We snapped this photo of both of them on my lap, and sometimes that's how it works. But often, they'll stick around for the books they picked and not their brother's books. And here's a confession...as much as I know we should do this reading ritual daily, it does not happen every single day.

 photo IMG_7588_zps58411c39.jpg

3:30 pm - The boys play with their toys in the playroom. Today, it's cars. But any given day, they'll pull out different things. Although the cars are a regular player.

 photo IMG_7618_zpscbac2f94.jpg

The kitchen too...Logan is getting me a drink of water.

 photo IMG_7637_zps17f64feb.jpg

 photo IMG_7651_zps6c614a2b.jpg

And wouldn't you know, they both love to play with the Cinderella's castle that my mom bought several years ago for her future granddaugher(s), which she never got. But, if you think about it, castles are fun for boys too. While they're not worried about furnishing it, they do love to play with the characters (we have a bunch of Disney characters...even ones that didn't live in a castle).

 photo IMG_7665_zps69877cd0.jpg

 photo IMG_7682_zps1fc61367.jpg

5:15 pm - Just as we're done cleaning up the playroom and heading downstairs to think about dinner for the boys, daddy comes home! But don't be fooled, this is not his normal coming-home time. Usually it's around 6-6:30 pm (sometimes later, unfortunately). But tonight, he has a flag football game to play so he's home early to eat, change, and get to the game.

 photo IMG_7702_zps63a839e5.jpg

And normally, I would fix the boys some dinner from leftovers or something else while they watch a show. Casey and I eat later because he comes home so much later (usually). But tonight, I ordered the boys a pizza. Yep, I took the easy way out.

 photo IMG_7713-2_zpsc64279ec.jpg

Ethan is completely happy with my dinner choice. They don't get pizza very often, so it really is a treat.

 photo IMG_7719_zpsf14afc3e.jpg

6:00 pm - Dinner is done, and because the boys didn't watch a show while I made dinner, I let them watch one after dinner. They also play with their toys in the living room while they watch.

6:30 pm - We head up to bed to read, pray, and do our bed time routines. We went up a little earlier than usual tonight so Casey could take some photos for us. But actually, our normal bedtime is 7 pm, and since Ethan has not been taking a nap, we've been making sure he's in bed completely by 7 instead of just going up there at that time. He's usually really ready for bed by then. And he's also a kid who loves routine...if we don't do every step of his bed time routine he is not a happy camper.

 photo IMG_7727_zpsdecf561d.jpg

We usually read stories and pray together and then split up into the separate bedrooms for the boys. So, they gather on Ethan's bed first.

 photo IMG_7733_zps5bf6acb1.jpg

We've been working our way through the Jesus Storybook Bible one story at at time. (We love it, by the way.) Sometimes we'll let the boys pick another book too. Or they each take one and one parent reads it to them in their own bedroom. But after stories, they hug each other and say good night.

 photo IMG_7739_zps10bbf244.jpg

 photo IMG_7745_zps781f6812.jpg

Then it's off to bed for them both. Logan likes to be rocked and sing songs. Ethan likes to do various special things with me and Casey. Songs, alphabet games, quizzes, etc. 

7:00 pm - Tonight they are both tucked in by 7pm because we went upstairs so early. Casey had to leave for his game shortly after we went up, so I'm by myself. I turn on the TV in the living room and fold some laundry. It doesn't all get folded and put away today. It's rare that I finish it all in one day. When Casey gets home, he takes a shower and I get our dinner ready. I have no idea what we ate that night, but I know it wasn't pizza. Maybe leftovers? Or something that didn't take long to prepare. 

8-8:30 pm - Cleaning up after dinner. Heading upstairs to edit for about an hour. Then, to bed to watch Gilmore Girls until I'm too tired to keep my eyes open. Great day.


Mary said...

Love reading about your day! And love the Gilmore Girl confession, I love that show too! :)

Colleen said...

loved this post! cracking up about the chalk on the playset. It's funny what you learn to let go on with kids. I've done alot of the same.

so what color did you pick for the bedroom?

Anonymous said...

I love to see your day! all the pictures are already memorable!! I especially like the one of Logan, squatting with the hook on one hand; as you stated, Logan being Logan!! I adore the one of you and Ethan! I proud of you and Casey! Your wonderful loving parents! :)