Friday, April 19, 2013

Hunting Eggs at Home

This year, we separated our Easter celebration (on Sunday) with the whole egg-hunt thing. It worked great and we will be doing it this way from now on. For one thing, it allowed us to make the egg hunt more of a spring celebration and kept Easter day all about Jesus and the resurrection. Secondly, it made Easter Sunday far less rushed and packed with activity.

So this particular egg hunt at home happened a week before Easter. That morning, a huge rain storm passed through and the day stayed grey and chilly. But outdoor egg hunts are so much more fun than inside ones, so we toughed out the cold and damp for the 10 minutes it took the boys to find all the eggs.

First, daddy and Pop hid all the eggs (and there were many).

 photo IMG_9550_zpsc5e421a3.jpg

 photo IMG_9558_zps3f52af60.jpg

Then, the boys were let loose in the back yard. Not in their Easter finest. Just in play clothes...and jackets.

 photo IMG_9576_zps615e1a94.jpg

Ethan ran around and bounced from one corner of the yard to the next finding eggs. He did a great job, but in his rush, he went right past some very obvious ones!

 photo IMG_9577_zps51a36704.jpg

Logan took his time and marveled at some of his finds along the way. He ended up with almost as many eggs as Ethan, but definitely did not rush about it.

 photo IMG_9583_zpsaa519533.jpg

 photo IMG_9592_zpsfe786fb8.jpg

 photo IMG_9595_zps6971a29d.jpg

Logan found one of the golden eggs...he looks impressed! In the two golden eggs, there was a (Cars character) car that we didn't already have...hard to believe there are any of those, so vast is their collection.

 photo IMG_9607_zpsaa5dcfb1.jpg

Ah, the window ledges...I remember my dad hiding eggs here when I was a kid.

 photo IMG_9612_zpsbed9bbf7.jpg

 photo IMG_9618_zps8cebc002.jpg

 photo IMG_9623_zps4f08a513.jpg

Logan found one of the two large eggs. Growing up, we always had two large eggs like this that would be filled with special things. Maybe a large piece of chocolate or a small toy. So, I have carried on the tradition with my boys. This year, there was a Disney t-shirt in each one of them from Mimi and Pop.

 photo IMG_9628_zps3476e298.jpg

At the end of the hunt, Ethan shows off his loot...

 photo IMG_9636_zpsa10003af.jpg

Then time to go inside and see what the eggs contained. We have successfully held the Easter presents in check. Other than the t-shirts and cars, my mom got each of the boys a Toy Story beach towel. And of course, there was some candy...

 photo IMG_9680_zps9142d110.jpg

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