Friday, April 19, 2013

Dyeing and Hunting (Again)

The day before Easter we went to Nonnie and Papaw's house to dye and hunt eggs with the cousins. We had an amazing lunch first. So amazing, apparently, that I didn't even pull out my camera, which would have distracted from my eating.

After lunch, we set the boys up to dye eggs in the garage. They even got "aprons" made from trash bags to keep their clothes from getting stained. We used Kool-Aid for our dye this year and it worked great. Very easy and cheap.

 photo IMG_9701_zpsac5295cb.jpg

 photo IMG_9702_zps439750d6.jpg

As per usual, Ethan was very methodical about his egg dyeing. He was pretty careful and deliberate about how he did each one. He was still totally fascinated by the wax crayon.

 photo IMG_9707_zpsb2e1ad81.jpg

Logan dove right in...literally. He plopped his first egg into red dye and then stuck his whole hand in there to pull it out. So, he had a red hand for the rest of the day until I could get him home and Google how to get Kool-Aid stains out of skin (dish soap, just in case you're wondering...worked like a charm.)

 photo IMG_9715_zpsf9833304.jpg

But he got the hang of using the rabbit tongs from that point on.

 photo IMG_9724_zpscb0f6bb4.jpg

Logan had so much fun dyeing eggs this year. He was messy and careless just like a 2.5 year old, but he had the best time.

 photo IMG_9740_zps32ca5cc4.jpg

 photo IMG_9803_zpsbd00bfa8.jpg

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 photo IMG_9813_zpsa300fb99.jpg

Ethan showing off the egg on which I wrote a secret message for him that he read after he dyed it...I love you.

 photo IMG_9824_zps1b9859e9.jpg

Logan's plate of eggs. You can see how many of them ended up cracked. He didn't quite get the concept that the shells were fragile. But he also didn't really care that his eggs were cracked, so it all worked out!

 photo IMG_9819_zpsceb00861.jpg

Ethan's plate of eggs, which ended up being completely full...he was a dyeing machine. Thank goodness Nonnie had boiled so many eggs for us!

 photo IMG_9821_zpsa2247fab.jpg

After we dyed all the eggs there were to dye, the daddies/uncles and Papaw hid all the eggs for our eager hunters. Uncle Casey had to hold back the crowd on the patio so they could all start at once.

 photo IMG_9932_zpsd861f834.jpg

It was such a blast for the boys to all look for eggs together. And to the big boys' credit...they searched for all the high and hidden ones and left the more obvious ones for Ethan and Logan. It worked out perfectly.

 photo IMG_0002_zpsd0f87a72.jpg

 photo IMG_0003_zpsd48e792d.jpg

 photo IMG_0046_zpsf21d77c7.jpg

 photo IMG_0006_zps750423a4.jpg

Logan spied an egg that was out of reach so Uncle Jeff helped him out.

 photo IMG_0030_zpscd5825f8.jpg

 photo IMG_9985_zps702cb419.jpg

 photo IMG_0042_zpsb7f0d4f6.jpg

This was our attempt at a group photo. Of course the two littlest ones were not apt to cooperate, but it could be worse! Immediately after this photo was taken (or during, if you're Logan), the kids all opened their eggs and had some candy.

 photo IMG_0057_zps548b1c60.jpg

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