Monday, April 22, 2013

Bluebonnets 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we stuck to tradition and I hauled the boys out to the bluebonnet fields for photos. Except this year the bluebonnets were not quite as thick as they have been in the previous couple of years (2012, 2011) at these fields. The flowers were still beautiful, though, despite being fewer in number. 

 photo IMG_0775_zpse0e9b216.jpg

 photo IMG_0780_zpsc9d94f46.jpg

This year, Logan was my cooperative one (believe it or not), so there are a few more photos of him. Sweet boy.

 photo IMG_0794_zpse730c061.jpg

 photo IMG_0824_zps4bbfbea6.jpg

 photo IMG_0915_zpsb85e0442.jpg

 photo IMG_0805_zpse2628177.jpg

 photo IMG_0808_zps04184ce4.jpg

 photo IMG_0854_zps20a952ee.jpg

 photo IMG_0840_zps52d7c612.jpg

Ethan was pretty good...he just wanted to explore and catch lady bugs! They were both fascinated by the bees and lady bugs. 

 photo IMG_0906_zpsa385085d.jpg

Here they are checking one out up-close. We caught a few, but they were pretty quick to fly away.

 photo IMG_0901_zps1e50e751.jpg

 photo IMG_0800_zps1dcc8434.jpg

Mimi met us out at the fields and took the boys home with her after our photos.

 photo IMG_0870_zps50239ad4.jpg

I was not thinking about being in any photos, which is why my hair is pulled back and I'm wearing one of my "shooting shirts" (white). But, I have to practice what I preach about moms getting in photos with their here we are!

 photo IMG_0896_zps14aa8d11.jpg

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Colleen said...

Gorgeous!! Wish we had those here. Always love seeing them.