Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Through Their Lenses

As promised, here are some of the photos the boys took at the Arboretum with their cameras (old, inexpensive point and shoots that we don't use anymore).

First up...Ethan's photos.

 photo P1010871_zps9c8f8ac3.jpg photo P1010870_zps34fbbaa5.jpg

I find it interesting to see what Ethan finds interesting. Although it was close to everything because he snapped until his entire memory card was full.

 photo P1010874_zps949fea26.jpg

 photo P1010876_zps14ad8f58.jpg

 photo P1010877_zpsbb7e7e12.jpg

A backlit caution cone...

 photo P1010891_zpsb711c7a3.jpg

I totally love how he inadvertently took a self-portrait here with his reflection. Maybe it wasn't inadvertent...who knows?

 photo P1010905_zps3ccc96dc.jpg

For this next photo, he asked us to stand together and smile. So we did. He still needs to master not moving until the shutter has opened and closed completely.

 photo P1010908_zps503e9b77.jpg

He also requested this group shot of us all. Such a sweet thought. (Also a little blurry, though!)

 photo P1010910_zps677580a9.jpg

Someone was not interested in being the subject of any more photos...but I think it's cute that Ethan was trying to get one!

 photo P1010926_zps062465d2.jpg

Stone roadrunners...

 photo P1010928_zps09ff244c.jpg

And lunch.

 photo P1010931_zpsb9c62730.jpg

 photo P1010948_zps16ab3a7c.jpg

Now, here are Logan's photos. He didn't take as many because I accidentally gave him a 3/4 full memory card...oops. It's funny to see his even lower perspective. Especially when he was shooting from the stroller.

 photo DSC00001_zps827bb2bf.jpg

Almost all his photos included part of his hand/fingers. We'll have to work on that!

 photo DSC00010_zps7f0f2507.jpg

 photo DSC00011_zps50afd93e.jpg

His own shoes (and finger) right before lunch.

 photo DSC00017_zpse5e4a062.jpg


Anonymous said...

Oh I loved all of Ethan and Logan's pictures!! they made me laugh out loud! Ethan is taking after is pop and mom! Logan takes after me, especially on the last photo!! they will love to see these in years to come! (Ithink)!

Lindsay said...

I love them. Ethan does have a gift already. Logan is so funny, but for a 2 year old, he is quite good.

Christina said...

I totally agree that Ethan has an eye for photography :)! So great to see their creative eyes at work. Loved Logan's photos, too.

Mary said...

Jason would love all of Ethan's texture shots!