Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mr. Lizard

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I almost forgot to post about a lizard we encountered during our sprinkler fun in our back yard. I happened to spot him scurrying around our water hose and called the boys over to look. He stayed remarkably still (the lizard...and the boys, actually). So, we got a good, long look at him.

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And then Ethan moved in for an even closer look and Mr. Lizard jumped to the grass. And then the coolest thing happened...he turned green before our eyes. I know lizards do that, of course...I'd just never actually witnessed it in person. The boys went nuts with excitement. So, we kept watching him.

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The boys wanted to see if he would turn back to brown again if he went up on the wall, so they got close to see if he would bolt. I warned them that he might take off for good, but he didn't. He ran up on the wall just like they wanted him to.

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He ended up perching right on our coiled water hose, which is black.

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And then, he did turn back to brown. The boys were thrilled again (and frankly, I thought it was awesome too). 

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That lizard sat there forever. Probably just wishing we'd stop watching him so he could run away entirely.

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Finally, the boys returned to splashing and the next time we went to check, he was gone. Thanks for the animal science lesson, though, Mr. Lizard. Now I can honestly say my kids learned something this summer.

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Lindsay said...

Wow that was cool just watching the transformation in pictures! That is a high compliment to a great photographer. :) That is neato!