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San Antonio: Day 3

We got up on Monday morning, ate breakfast, and headed over to Sea World. Thank goodness the rain from the previous day was gone, but the cooler temperatures and clouds were still around. The weather could not have been more perfect that day and we kept commenting on how wonderful it was to not be dying in the heat. That was complete luck. But going on a Monday was definitely planned. After fighting the crowds (sometimes literally) the last time we went to Sea World, I pretty much vowed I'd never go on a weekend again (especially a Saturday). This turned out to be a good plan. There was still a good amount of people there, of was still summer. But it was definitely much, much less than a weekend crowd and very manageable.

 photo IMG_9482a_zpsf3b1150d.jpg

The very first thing we did after entering the park is book it over to the dolphin area so we could feed them. However, for some reason, they weren't being fed that morning, so we formulated a plan B. I knew that the new show, Pets Ahoy, was starting at 10:30, so we went straight there. This show was very cute and the boys loved it.

 photo IMG_8840_zps713d1259.jpg

They giggled and watched in awe at all of the animals doing their tricks. Some funny, some amazing.

 photo IMG_8847_zpsbece81a9.jpg

And they had all kinds of animals...cats and dogs, of course. But also birds, mice, ducks, and even a pig!

 photo IMG_8850_zpsf27922a7.jpg

My one complaint about this show (and it's a pretty significant one, I think) is that we literally couldn't see half the show. We were sitting on the first row of the second section and the bottom part of the stage was completely hidden by the crowd in the section in front of us. And it would also be hidden for anyone not sitting in the front three rows of the entire auditorium. This is just an adult, I couldn't even see. Much less my kids. Sea World needs to figure this out quickly. Because such a cute show in an air conditioned place is great...if you can see the show.

 photo IMG_8844_zps031b668c.jpg

Right after exiting the Pets Ahoy show, we saw Franklin, the turtle! My boys have occasionally watched Franklin and Friends on Nick Jr., and although it's not a go-to favorite, they like watching it. And Ethan loved meeting Franklin. He gave him a high five.

 photo IMG_8860_zps2648face.jpg

And then posed sweetly for a photo. This bodes well for future trips to Disney.

 photo IMG_8865_zps71685ab3.jpg

Logan, however, predictably did not want to take a photo with Franklin. Or even look at him.

 photo IMG_8869_zps7c560266.jpg

Next, we went right over to the Sesame Street Bay of Play to ride some rides. First up, Big Bird's Spinning Reef (a ferris wheel). Neither of my boys have really ever been on any rides except for Ethan riding his first ride the last time we were here. They both really enjoyed the ferris wheel. Yes, it was slow like all ferris wheels are with the loading and unloading. But, there was practically no line, so we were mostly on the ride while we waited.

 photo IMG_8878_zpsd9f88243.jpg

We split up and had cars right next to each other so at the very top and very bottom of the wheel, we could see and wave to each other.

 photo IMG_8889_zpsff0d1770.jpg

My dad had my camera during the ride and took all these photos for us.

 photo IMG_8896_zps65bbe54d.jpg

Next, we went over to Elmo's Dolphin Dive, which is a vertical drop ride for kids. We all initially waited in (the very short) line because Logan said he wanted to ride (and he was tall enough). But, when it came time to get on the ride, he freaked out and I stepped aside to hold him during the ride.

 photo DSCN1301_zpse537ab43.jpg

Ethan was disappointed can see his face in the photo below showing his displeasure at not being able to ride in the blue chair. Casey (and all adults) have to ride in the outer seats for balance. Try explaining that to a 5 year old who just wants to sit in a seat with his favorite color. Oh, well. You don't always get what you want in life (and don't I know it).

 photo IMG_8910_zps5afba6f8.jpg

But when the ride got moving, Ethan ended up liking it a lot. It was equal parts scary and fun for him. Just like a ride should be.

 photo IMG_8920_zps92559cd5.jpg

He smiled...even though he was trying so hard to still be mad about the seat situation.

 photo IMG_8928_zpsac97f9f8.jpg

We wanted to ride Abby Cadabby's Rockin' Wave ride, but it was not working, so we went to Grover's Round Up (carousel) instead. Obviously, this ride was also a big hit with both boys.

 photo IMG_8952_zpsfa7d2478.jpg

 photo IMG_8955_zpsac633fe8.jpg

Our last ride stop was the Shamu Express...a little roller coaster. This was the one Ethan had ridden the last time we came. We knew from last time to seat the kids on the right side of the ride so they could be seen in the photos my dad was graciously taking for me. But, when we got up there, the ride attendant asked both Casey and me to sit on the right. You can still sort of see Logan in the photo below. For a kid that was apprehensive about Franklin and the Dolphin Dive ride, he loved the roller coaster.

 photo IMG_8978_zps31565f56.jpg

Ethan, on the other hand, enjoyed it, but if you can see his face below (in a photo my mom took), you can see that he was definitely scared.

 photo DSCN1343_zps2739af39.jpg

We completed all those rides in less than an hour...thanks to going on a Monday! We decided to visit the splash park part of the Bay of Play later because we wanted to catch the next One Ocean (Shamu) show. My parents bought the boys these bubble guns. Not only did that entertain them while we waited for the show to start, but we have used them countless times this summer. They're refillable with bubble solution and are always fun to play with.

 photo IMG_9006_zps8a070de9.jpg

Mere seconds after this photo was taken, bubbles were hitting my lens protector filter...and I was really glad that I use a lens protector so I didn't have to carefully clean off sticky bubble solution from my nice lens.

 photo IMG_9016_zps2a8d65b2.jpg

The Shamu show was fantastic, as usual. The boys loved it. I did too (except for the annoying woman who kept her arms up the whole time filming the show with her phone. Her arm is the one on the left in the foreground of the photo below.)

 photo IMG_9078_zps95f63905.jpg

 photo IMG_9091a_zps277a2301.jpg

After the show, Logan became the proud owner of a blue whale (to add to Ethan's animals that he had already picked out earlier....a white beluga whale and a walrus.) We did take the stroller this time even though the boys are getting bigger. Logan (and sometimes Ethan) still gets tired and there's a lot of walking to do at Sea World. Especially if you don't want to always go at a short-legged, preschooler's pace. So, we were happy to have the stroller.

 photo IMG_9098_zpsbe594197.jpg

After lunch at the Smokehouse Grill, we stopped for a moment (or two) to pose in front of Shamu for a family photo after refilling our water bottles. We did also bring refillable water bottles for everyone. Thank goodness the temperatures were only in the 80s, but we still needed our water.

 photo IMG_9116_zps87e3e502.jpg

Finally, it was time for the boys to hit the splash park and playground area at the Bay of Play. They had been asking about it since they got their first glimpse. This part was closed the last time we were at Sea World so we didn't get to do it at all. I was bummed that time, and rightly was so much fun for the boys. And a little sit-down break for us.

 photo IMG_9186_zps778111bb.jpg

 photo IMG_9192_zpse1104dee.jpg

I probably got twice as many pictures of Logan as I did of Ethan because Ethan was running all over the place at top speed. Poor Logan was having trouble keeping up with his brother. I had a talk with Ethan and then he and Logan pretty much stuck together the rest of the time.

 photo IMG_9215_zps0e7dd243.jpg

 photo IMG_9227_zps878eea95.jpg

 photo IMG_9245_zpsf0e07632.jpg

 photo IMG_9258_zpsf56ede82.jpg

 photo IMG_9298_zps75f1c323.jpg

There's not a whole lot I need to say in explanation of these water photos. They had a blast. Ethan would stand under the bucket water feature with his hands on his hips and this expression...

 photo IMG_9322a_zps902ca2a7.jpg

And then he'd get dumped on.

 photo IMG_9332_zps21230b6c.jpg

 photo IMG_9333_zpsca594535.jpg

This next photo is so cute...they're standing under the bucket waiting for it to tip.

 photo IMG_9344_zps39382b65.jpg

 photo IMG_9360_zps013b8203.jpg

Here's an example of how closely Logan watches Ethan and imitates him...taking the same stance under the bucket...

 photo IMG_9374_zpsf40dfac9.jpg

 photo IMG_9384_zps9a5cc47e.jpg

We let them play there for a long time. Then we went over to the ski stadium for the ski show. We had not seen this one before and thought the boys might enjoy seeing all the water stunts.

 photo IMG_9401_zpsca172f1a.jpg

After getting soaked, the boys were actually cold (unbelievable for the end of June). Ethan took his wet shirt off and Logan got wrapped up in a towel.

 photo IMG_9406_zps66b00a64.jpg

The show was pretty fast and really cool. I enjoyed seeing the stunts and even though the boys did not fully appreciate how much work would have to go into doing all those crazy skiing tricks, they loved watching it. Their favorite part was when this guy rocketed out of the water with water jets.

 photo IMG_9422_zps71e0c243.jpg

My dad pushed the boys around in the stroller all day as we went from one thing to another. What a treat that was. Even though we were not hot, it's still a big job to push those two around. In this photo below, they're riding with their new stuffed "friends" leaving a trail of bubbles from their guns behind them.

 photo IMG_9429_zps35223640.jpg

Throughout the day we stopped to look at the alligators (or crocodiles? I can't remember) and the flamingos.

 photo IMG_9450_zps2286204b.jpg

Then we went over to the Sea Lion area to feed them. Since we had not been able to feed the dolphins that day, we wanted to feed these guys. Not as close up as the dolphins, but the boys still got a kick out of dropping the tiny fish and watching the sea lions catch them.

 photo IMG_9457_zps04e786ec.jpg

Of course, we made a stop at the penguin exhibit and also the shark and fish exhibits.

 photo IMG_9497_zps4c2eb404.jpg

Then, we called it a day (it was late afternoon) and went back to the hotel to clean up and eat dinner. But, we stopped at the entrance on the way out for some photos. Good call because that morning it was surrounded by people, but as you can see...there was virtually no one around when we left.

 photo IMG_9509a_zpsa54319ce.jpg

We really enjoyed having Mimi and Pop with us...not only are they two extra hands for us, but the boys love being around their grandparents. Everybody wins.

 photo IMG_9506_zpsf241d32b.jpg

A nice woman took a group photo of all of us.

 photo IMG_9512_zps16992990.jpg

I didn't take any more photos of the weekend. We bathed, ate, and packed up that evening and then headed out on the road for the trip home on Tuesday morning. Again, uneventful, thank goodness. This was such a fun, short trip and I'm so glad we decided to go to Sea World again this year. The boys enjoyed it and I think the adults did too!

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