Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Antonio: Day 2

The plan for our second day in San Antonio was to have a "resort day." We planned to swim and play at the awesome pools, lazy river, and beach at the resort. We did spend the day at the resort, but it didn't go exactly as planned.

 photo IMG_8676_zps10eafd64.jpg

We got up and had breakfast in the restaurant where the boys had bear-shaped waffles. We noticed that it looked a little dark outside so we decided to check the weather on our phones. Forecast....almost certainly rain. And the temps were cool. Normally awesome for the end of June in south Texas, but it did not go along with our plans for the day. 

So, after we ate, we headed out to find the playground. We passed by the lonely beach front and lazy river where no one was swimming. It still looks inviting to me, but what is hard to tell from the photo is that it was mid-70s outside and really windy.

 photo IMG_8677_zps3b4090d5.jpg

We found the playground and let the boys get some energy out.

 photo IMG_8679_zps63aae7fc.jpg

 photo IMG_8687_zpsfef37de3.jpg

 photo IMG_8691_zps7bac2198.jpg

Clouds continued to roll in and the wind didn't let up, so we only played out here for about 15 minutes or so.

 photo IMG_8697_zps9ec076f6.jpg

Then, when it started actually sprinkling, we headed inside and looked around the lobby at the fish tank and other things.

 photo IMG_8704_zpsd6d9ec91.jpg

When we made it back up to our rooms, it was full-on pouring outside. Again, such a great thing for a Texas summer, but boy were we disappointed.

 photo IMG_8708_zpsa81799fa.jpg

Actually, let me rephrase...I was disappointed because I wanted the boys to enjoy the pools and such. But, they were loving the rain.

 photo IMG_8711_zps7a92e1a5.jpg

So, we put on a show for them on Mimi's portable DVD player (otherwise known as "the life saver" on this trip) while we re-grouped and brainstormed what we should do with two kids stuck in a hotel all day.

 photo IMG_8714_zps1c1d1490.jpg

The forecast showed that the rain would move out in a few hours, so we decided to play it all by ear. The first indoor activity we chose...getting giant cookies from the general store and heading to the lobby to eat them.

 photo IMG_8717_zpsbf5df60a.jpg

This was obviously an activity the boys appreciated.

 photo IMG_8720_zps356e6863.jpg

After they finished their cookies, we figured we'd just step outside under the porch awning and watch the rain for a little bit. But, of course, the boys just took right off into the rain and didn't care one bit about getting wet. In fact, they loved it.

 photo IMG_8734_zps4f37e341.jpg

They decided to play hide-and-seek in the rain and had a blast.

 photo IMG_8740_zps2b74a3aa.jpg

Then, they both tried (successfully) to catch rain drops on their tongues.

 photo IMG_8754_zpsc1c5a7e0.jpg

And right after this next photo, Logan was running around on the deck and slammed into one of the metal hand rails on the porch. Ouch. After spotting blood from a cut above his eyebrow, I scooped him up and headed upstairs to our room. Everyone else decided it was time to go too.

 photo IMG_8766_zps5821618b.jpg

You can see Logan's cut and bruising a little bit in this photo of him taking a bath right after playing in the rain. A little bit of Tylenol and a few kisses and he was back to smiling.

 photo IMG_8779_zps39d48f8c.jpg

The baths were just one more activity we thought of to pass some time during the rain. They just played with their planes and cars in there since I didn't bring bath toys. But that was fine by them. We put each boy in their own tub so they could do their own thing.

 photo IMG_8787_zps0e24ea6b.jpg

Right after baths we decided to do an early rest/nap time. We were hoping that by the time they'd rested a little, the rain might clear up and we could eat lunch and then swim. So, Ethan got in his bed with the iPad.

 photo IMG_8796_zps2c9af445.jpg

And Logan (now bandaged) snuggled in bed with daddy and the DVD player. He didn't ever fall asleep, but he stayed in there the whole time and didn't make a peep.

 photo IMG_8794_zps3d02d2cc.jpg

Right at the end of rest time, the skies finally cleared and the sun started (almost) peeking out from behind the clouds. We decided that was good enough for us. Even though it wasn't super hot outside, we were going to make the best of our day. After rest time, we did grab a bite to eat and then hit the pools. Lazy river, here we come!

Now, all of the photos at the pool, beach, and lazy river were taken with my new underwater camera. I decided to just bring that so I could carry it with me on the lazy river and not worry about water or sand messing up my big camera. Plus, the pool grounds are spread out and I didn't want to worry about my big, expensive camera just sitting in my beach bag when I was off swimming or floating. I was fairly pleased with the results of using my new point and shoot, but let's just say that my Canon is still my first love.

 photo P6300060_zps615f7566.jpg

The first thing we did was head to the beach. Because of the rain that morning, people were slow to get out there so we got our pick of chairs and a spot on the sand. The boys were pretty much the only kids there for a little bit. And they loved playing in the sand, naturally.

 photo P6300001_zps77473750.jpg

Me and my mom in our prime seats watching the boys play.

 photo P6300026_zpsf945e979.jpg

 photo P6300012_zps6b27c878.jpg

Logan insisted on wearing his bandaid to the pool, but it held up the entire afternoon. I was impressed.

 photo P6300019_zpsa47e5fb3.jpg

It didn't take long before we ventured out onto the lazy river.

 photo P6300031_zps76ad4bea.jpg

We sort of had to explain the "lazy" part to the boys because that word is not really in their vocabulary. They are on the go for sure. But Ethan actually lay there with me and we enjoyed our floating together.

 photo P6300036_zps6f60f789.jpg

 photo DSCN1274_zps88d4f80e.jpg

 photo DSCN1263_zpse93b2ca4.jpg

 photo P6300048_zps2658d51a.jpg

 photo P6300057_zps82c70194.jpg

 photo P6300061_zps18178ce0.jpg

We eventually figured out that letting Logan float down the lazy river in his puddle jumper was the way to go. He just went along beside us happy as a clam. He was just too small to fit on those big tubes, but this worked perfectly.

 photo P6300108_zps406c6048.jpg

When the boys were done being lazy, we went over to the "activity" pool, which really just means that kids can swim there. The enticing calm of the adult-only pool makes a stark contrast!

 photo P6300079_zpsf4086a12.jpg

 photo P6300091_zpsb67b1d5a.jpg

 photo P6300087_zps33f73ac5.jpg

 photo P6300081_zps8c74ff30.jpg

 photo P6300065_zps7756fd69.jpg

Any time we are swimming, Logan will be the first one out because he wants a snack. I'm convinced that snacks are his favorite part of swimming. Here he is cuddled up with Pop about to have a snack. (He also loves to be wrapped up in a towel.)

 photo P6300110_zps494589f5.jpg

The resort has opened a water slide since the last time we visited two years ago. Unfortunately, it is only for taller children and adults so the boys weren't able to participate. But honestly, they didn't seem that upset by it. They were thrilled to watch their daddy and Mimi each take a turn. Here's daddy...

 photo P6300112_zpsec9bae46.jpg

And here are his feet flying up in the air as he splashed at the bottom of the slide.

 photo P6300113_zps126323db.jpg

And there's Mimi. This is one of the reasons Casey and my mom get along so well. They do things like this and love it.
 photo P6300115_zps5f0b7390.jpg

After the slides (and a much needed bathroom break for the boys), we went back to the beach, which was much more populated than it was a few hours prior.

 photo P6300136_zps7b0ecbff.jpg

The boys set out to bury daddy's feet and legs in the sand.

 photo P6300151_zpsdcd03a06.jpg

And Pop showed them how to use their buckets to add a tower to the top of the mound. They were impressed. (We need to take them to a real beach soon!)

 photo P6300165_zps39ebc54b.jpg

 photo P6300167_zps5ebb7c64.jpg

 photo P6300176_zps8bf9adc1.jpg

 photo P6300161_zpsc4cf7672.jpg

Finally, the boys were getting hungry and we headed back up to the rooms. After spending half an hour getting sand out of everything. After baths, I ordered peanut butter sandwiches from room service for the boys as they watched another show. This gave the adults time to shower.

 photo IMG_8814_zpsc81aad6b.jpg

I had packed a ton of snacks, some grapes, apples, and Logan's yogurt to keep in the small fridge in the room. That was so helpful so we didn't have to hunt down some (expensive) food every time they wanted a bite to eat. What I should have done, however, is also packed a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. So easy...and I will do it next time. They devoured those sandwiches.

 photo IMG_8808_zps1930fb84.jpg

While we stayed back to put the boys to bed, my mom and dad went out to eat at the Antler's Lodge restaurant over by the golf course. Then, when they were done, Casey and I went out to the restaurant to eat. This is one of many benefits of having grandparents with you on a trip. We did this dinner-switch last time we came too.

 photo IMG_1145_zps2b04e6df.jpg

The food is locally sourced and the dishes are inspired by the Texas Hill Country flavors, game, and influences. First of all, that bread is fantastic. I can't remember what is in it (or that butter), but bread like this is one of the reasons I will never entirely give up carbs. 

Then, we split the Texas quail appetizer that is served on a peach polenta cake with salsa verde. This was one of the dishes we remembered from our last time here because it is so unique and good. 
We also split their baby iceberg wedge salad (isn't that the most beautiful wedge salad you've seen?) with jalapeno bacon (I know!), poblano ranch (keeps getting better!), roasted tomato (told you), and cotija cheese (yep).
For our entrees, Casey had a filet (not pictured) and I had the special...shrimp and scallops served over roasted corn with chiles and bacon. It was amazing.

 photo AntlersLodgeFood_zpsf3463ecc.jpg

After dinner, we took a look at the dessert menu, which did not include a chocolate dessert. Not one. I have written, not once, but twice, about my feelings on that subject. So, we decided to forgo dessert and went to get ice cream again instead. Our big day at Sea World was coming up the next day!

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