Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Bongo Ball

Ethan received a really cool present from Nonnie and Papaw (Casey's parents) for his birthday...the Bongo Ball. It's really just a huge inflatable ball with two openings so you can get inside and roll around. At the end of last month, we blew it up, stuffed it in the back of my car (with the hatch half-way open), and drove to the elementary school and park near our house. There's a great hill and huge open fields, which we figured would be perfect for giving this thing a try.

 photo IMG_7729_zps502dc062.jpg

Both the boys jumped in right away...and learned very quickly that it's a one-person-at-a-time kind of toy. 

 photo IMG_7677_zps12a5d946.jpg

So, Ethan went first since it was his present. And truthfully, we would have had to pry him out of there...he absolutely loved it. And he hadn't even gone anywhere yet.

 photo IMG_7663_zps6838b88a.jpg

Then daddy pushed him up the hill. Obviously we were wanting an extra workout because we didn't think to take the (empty) ball up the hill before Ethan got in. Because that would have been the easy way.

 photo IMG_7667_zps9ba5ae65.jpg

Nevertheless, they made it to the top and then started rolling down. It wasn't a steep enough hill that Ethan could just go all on his own. Casey had to follow and roll him a bit, which was probably a good thing.

 photo IMG_7735_zps01cca769.jpg

At the bottom of the hill and still smiling...he had fun!

 photo IMG_7757_zpsdf35ce8e.jpg

Next it was Logan's turn. Except he suddenly didn't want to get inside at all. Logan changes his mind about things faster and more frequently than anyone I've ever met. Ever.

 photo IMG_7811_zps98b65bf3.jpg

Since Logan didn't want a turn, daddy decided to have a go. And instantly became Violet Beauregard. The reference was lost on our boys, of course.

 photo IMG_7707_zps5a4de1a8.jpg

But they do know how to chase...and daddy can't really run that fast with a 1.5 foot space in which to move his legs.

 photo IMG_7711_zpse7c34ddf.jpg

Someone (Casey) talked me into taking a turn inside the ball too.

 photo IMG_7777_zpsadc325af.jpg

After we all pushed Ethan around some more (Logan was still having none of it), Casey decided it would be fun to use his body weight to propel himself down the hill. He went at a pretty good speed and Ethan thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.

 photo IMG_7797_zps70fe05c3.jpg

When the ball was left unoccupied for just a minute (quick water break), the wind picked up and it took off on it's own!

 photo IMG_7817_zps60c3c785.jpg

It really did take off...they actually had to run to catch it. And Ethan and Logan thought it was the funniest thing that the ball was floating around on its own. That sparked some play time with no one in the ball and they got worn out running around with it.

 photo IMG_7834_zps345ba6fb.jpg

After another water break and safely storing the giant ball, we headed over to the adjacent playground that the boys had been eyeing since we arrived.

 photo IMG_7872_zpsd5b58332.jpg

 photo IMG_7883_zps9ad7e074.jpg

I don't believe that you are ever too old to swing as high as you can on a swing set...

 photo IMG_7887_zps9be5d79a.jpg

 photo IMG_7898_zpsf352c7f3.jpg

I love that our boys still love to hold our hands. It is so sweet. And I love this little snapshot of all three of my guys.

 photo IMG_7918_zps9ba175b5.jpg


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is the funniest post I've seen in a long time! Seeing the boys play with the bubble was funny, but it was funnier with Casey inside the bubble...and you too Rachel! Not your normal, go to the park and kick the ball around kind of day!!

Skip Bruber said...

Ethan and Logan both look like they are really having a great time playing with the gigantic blowup Bongo ball. How fun!