Sunday, September 15, 2013

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake House

This year, when Labor Day weekend rolled around, Ethan had already been in school for two weeks. Casey had a hunting trip planned and my mom asked if the boys and I wanted to come to the lake house for a few days. Well, Casey's trip ended up getting canceled and he was able to come with us. We all picked Ethan up from school on Friday afternoon and headed out straight from there. 

The first thing we did (after eating dinner) was head out to the dock to fish. My parents had gotten the boys some little fishing rods and we were going to attempt this for the first time. The boys have never been fishing before. So, right before sunset (and at bedtime, I might add), we went out to see what we could catch.

 photo IMG_1426_zps5d062911.jpg

We got the rods set up and baited and got set to wait.

 photo IMG_1442_zpsfa36d3ce.jpg

Logan was adamant about doing it himself. I just knew he was going to drop the rod in the water and we'd never see it again. But he didn't. (Not this time anyway.)

 photo IMG_1459_zpsb6c870bf.jpg

Waiting is hard to do...especially for a 5 and 3 year old...but they did great and were having fun.

 photo IMG_1452_zpscadc9be0.jpg

It would have been more fun if we'd caught anything at all. Pop went down to the end of the dock with his rod just to see if he could catch anything. (No such luck.)

 photo IMG_1467_zps2ee1efa0.jpg

Finally, the novelty of waiting wore off, but the novelty of the dock did not. The boys ran up and down it until they were both had little red cheeks.

 photo IMG_1523_zpsfcf2b5f8.jpg

 photo IMG_1489_zpsce73bc40.jpg

Daddy made one last ditch effort to catch something for the boys to see (so far fishing to them was just sitting around...which is not too far from the truth, I guess!) but he didn't catch a thing despite several nibbles.

 photo IMG_1477_zps3d93e060.jpg

Pop and daddy concluded that the hooks were a little too big to catch the size of fish that were hanging around the docks. So, we called it a night and packed up our stuff. It was really nice being out there at sunset, though.

 photo IMG_1530_zpsb896e1ba.jpg

I was up early (too early) the next morning and decided to head down to the water to take some photos of the sunrise (below). The colors were phenomenal. I was originally pretty grumpy about being up so early, but I've yet to catch one of these sunrises from outside and it was a very peaceful way to start the morning.

 photo IMG_1545_zpsbffbe120.jpg

Finally the sun peeked out from behind the cliffs and the colors changed from cool to warm. I can't look at these photos without thinking of that song from Fiddler on the Roof...Sunrise, Sunset. Watched that movie musical too much as a kid, I guess. Haven't seen it in years, though.

 photo IMG_1557_zpsd8297550.jpg

After breakfast that morning, Pop put some smaller hooks on the boys' lines and we used some different dog pieces. And we went out fishing again. This time, it took all of 2 minutes for Ethan and daddy to catch a fish.

 photo IMG_1574_zpseaba1d71.jpg

He was absolutely thrilled. Ethan, I mean. But daddy was too, I guess! It was a small little thing, but Ethan didn't care one bit.

 photo IMG_1577_zps29efcb33.jpg

Proudly showing off his catch...

 photo IMG_1585_zpsd5b7c083.jpg

Pop caught one for Logan only minutes later. Logan is literally dancing with excitement as Pop reels in his little fish.

 photo IMG_1596_zps92b1b2f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1602_zpsb8af6da8.jpg

Logan wanted to hold it...

 photo IMG_1609_zps17ad1522.jpg

And he shows off his first catch...

 photo IMG_1615_zps8e391a78.jpg

We caught at least 3-4 more fish before we decided that was enough and we hopped in Pop's boat, which was right there at the dock. Time for a boat ride!

 photo IMG_1644_zps1ddc08e3.jpg

These two are ready...

 photo IMG_1650_zpscb6f9268.jpg

 photo IMG_1698_zpsac0a9868.jpg

Ethan and daddy took us out on the lake.

 photo IMG_1646_zps4c2ef532.jpg

This excitement and joy you see is such a far cry from the first time either one of the boys rode in the boat. They both hated it when they were babies. I love that they enjoy it now.

 photo IMG_1676_zps85040ccd.jpg

The boys love to watch the water "turn white" in the wake. (PS - I love how Mimi has one hand on Logan's life jacket strap. Just in case!)

 photo IMG_1690_zps3f0c505a.jpg

This is Ethan having a great time, but having a hard time smiling with the wind in his face!

 photo IMG_1683_zps85e81e04.jpg

Same for Logan...

 photo IMG_1681_zps61b9a544.jpg

 photo IMG_1662_zpse420f8ae.jpg

We drove around to Hell's Gate and dropped anchor to swim for a bit. The lake was gorgeous that day.

 photo IMG_1700_zpsc8289b31.jpg

Ethan wasted no time at all jumping off the boat...

 photo IMG_1709_zps5009de46.jpg

 photo IMG_1718_zps4012a7cc.jpg

Logan was ready to get in the water too...but he wouldn't jump.

 photo IMG_1723_zps62170d91.jpg

 photo IMG_1736_zps49015943.jpg

Daddy even threw Ethan a few times (he went so high). I feel like I should have been at least slightly worried at my son being thrown in the air like that, but I wasn't. He absolutely loved it! Every time we all thought he hit the water too hard, he always came up with a smile and begged for another toss!

 photo IMG_1743_zps237c5a4f.jpg

This is the way Logan preferred to enter the water...being lowered down by Pop. Stinker. And he did this over and over again. He would get in the water, swim for a minute, and then head back to the boat to be lowered down again.

 photo IMG_1818_zps894997c4.jpg

 photo IMG_1767_zpsee9dee89.jpg

Our little family thoroughly enjoying our dip in the lake...

 photo IMG_1803_zps53ddc0e3.jpg

One way that Logan would jump into the water was with daddy. To me, this seems much scarier than just jumping by himself from the back deck of the boat, but Logan does things his own way. Don't even try to change his mind. It's futile.

 photo IMG_1823_zps27cba17a.jpg

At one point, I turned around and saw Ethan and Casey sword fighting on the bow of the boat. Playing pirates.

 photo IMG_1814_zpseae14858.jpg

 photo IMG_1809_zpsdea6cbd2.jpg

Logan was completely ready to drive us back. Seriously, he didn't understand at all why he might need some help with that.

 photo IMG_1836_zps349d3e36.jpg

We enjoyed this little weekend getaway so much. It was just what we needed. It was like a last little slice of summer before we succumb to the real routine of life for the next 9 months.

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Christina said...

As always, beautiful photos, but your scenery pictures are stunning. I especially like the rocks jutting out of the still water shot. Amazing!