Friday, September 20, 2013

Logan is THREE

Logan turned three on August 9. This is such a cute, fun, and challenging age. Logan's little voice is hovering between toddler and little boy. He loves to talk and I love to write down all the funny stuff he says!

 photo IMG_2434_zps57bbd2b3.jpg

This kid loves to play. He will play outside, in the playroom, in his room, in the car...just about anywhere. He is champion play-er. I love to listen to him playing when he doesn't know I'm there. He loves to play with cars and trains still. He has taken a liking to stuffed animals now, just like his big brother. He sleeps with a menagerie.

 photo IMG_2451_zps528ddace.jpg

Logan is still a very picky eater. He never, ever wants to try something new...and rarely does. He would rather go hungry than try something that he doesn't want. He may be a little stubborn.

 photo IMG_2465_zps70f62dbc.jpg

I think that children who are stubborn and wildly emotional like Logan have an extra measure of sweetness thrown into their personality. Logan loves to give hugs and kisses and he's really good at it. He says, "I wuv ewe" all the time without prompting. He loves to cuddle and he's very attached to his blanket.

 photo IMG_2495_zpsb1a12009.jpg

Most days, Logan still takes a nap. He sleeps anywhere from 1-2 hours if I don't have to wake him up to go get Ethan from school. He sleeps great at night too. And he is completely potty trained now...yay!

 photo IMG_2507_zps787750b0.jpg

This kid is still a dancer. He has been since he was a baby. Most of the time with music, but sometimes without. And now, I'll catch him singing his very own songs in the car when we're driving around. I think he forgets I'm there, but I love listening to him.

 photo IMG_2532_zps06d5abf3.jpg

I can't believe our littlest boy is getting so big!

 photo IMG_2543_zps7534fc46.jpg

He may be getting big, but he still has those dimples that we spotted the day he was born...

 photo IMG_2553_zpsca907e1a.jpg

I like to think that Logan adds the "spice" to our life. He's crazy, but we're crazy about him!

 photo IMG_2595_zpsd9d565ee.jpg

For this three-year-old photo shoot, Logan and I went to the Frisco Heritage Center right after we dropped Ethan off at school one morning. I actually had him really excited about it because of the train. I come here with clients all the time, but the last time he had been here he was only one year old. He absolutely loved the train and did such a fantastic job taking photos with me. It may have also had something to do with the Pez candies I was giving him along the way and the promise of a super-fun pop (lollipop) at the end.

 photo IMG_2675_zps7660669c.jpg

Three year stats:
Weight:  32.2 pounds (55%)
Height:  39 inches (83%)

Here's the yearly interview (this is Logan's first year to do it):

How old are you?  3

What makes you happy?   my blanket

What is your favorite food?  cupcakes

What is your favorite thing to do with Ethan?  hide and seek

Who are your friends?  Ethan, Brennan, Blake, Ashton

What is your favorite color?  green

What is your favorite animal?  pupppy

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a daddy person

What is your favorite toy?  firetruck

Where is your favorite place to go?  school

What is your favorite book?  Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

What is your favorite show?  Mickey Mouse

What is your favorite movie?  Cars

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Unknown said...

Aw, a daddy person. Love that. Great photos of a super cute little boy. Happy birthday to Logan!