Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Little Brother Play Date

For a few years now, we have been having periodic play dates with Ethan's friends, Blake and Ashton. Of course, the little brothers, Logan and Brennan (Ashton's younger brother) have been included as well. And now that the big boys are off at school every day, my friend Christina and I thought we should let the little brothers have their own play date. We actually drop off our big boys in the same vicinity, so we met up at a close park one morning in early September after drop-off. 

The first thing Logan and Brennan asked was where the big boys were. They are used to having them all there. But they adjusted quite quickly! And Christina (a fellow photographer) brought her big camera with her to the play date so she took all of these photos for us...so glad she did! The boys started off playing on the playground for a long time. Then, they stopped for a quick snack....

 photo img_5311_zpsc1c740ae.jpg

Eventually, we moved over to the splash pad part of the park. Early September in Texas is definitely still splash park weather.

 photo img_5328_zpsd193fa7e.jpg

That morning (I guess with school back in session?) the splash pad was pretty empty. The boys had a great time.

 photo img_5314_zps945d6371.jpg

 photo img_5315_zps5c7d49d6.jpg

 photo img_5317_zps61f7168c.jpg

They did not miss a beat playing with each other.

 photo img_5334_zpsf56b7f01.jpg

It was really sweet to see these two on their own play date and having fun with each other. I see many more such times in our future! (And thanks again for the photos, Christina!)

 photo img_5342_zpse22893ba.jpg


Unknown said...

Looks like fun!

Christina said...

Thanks for creating a post about our sweet boys! So glad you are on top of blogging. Mine is a sad story, haha!