Friday, October 11, 2013

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm: 2013

The first thing Ethan asked about when we started talking about fall was when we would visit the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm. He distinctly remembered our two visits last year and really, really wanted to go again. So, I made sure to snatch up the first free Saturday morning we had (and there are not many) so we could go. That morning was a little drizzly, but because it never actually rained on us while we were there, it ended up being a pretty fantastic day to go because I think many people stayed home because of the anticipated rain.

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My mom and dad (Mimi and Pop) went with us this year so I got to be in a few photos...thanks to my dad, who took most all of these.

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Daddy reminds the boys how to hold their hand so they don't get nipped while feeding the eager and hungry goats and sheep.

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Of course, my animal lover (Ethan) was right in his element and loving it.

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It's the iPhone paparazzi...they're surrounded by cameras! The funny thing boys are so used to it, they don't even notice.

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Look! Logan actually participated in the feeding this year! He had a great time and thought the animals were so funny.

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Again, Ethan is an old pro at this...

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Logan was not as confident with the big longhorns, but he did end up feeding them after a little coaching.

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I think Logan would have been completely happy if we had let him "drive" this tractor the whole time. Seriously. He absolutely loved it. But that's not a surprise...he is a fan of all cars, trucks, tractors, etc.

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After we pried Logan off the tractor, we all hopped onto the hay ride, which was driven by a bigger (working) tractor.

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Ethan and Pop knew just what to do with the hay. And it's not as clear because they've got their mouths all funny in this photo, but these two are looking a lot alike to me these days.

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Logan is our hugger. And on the hay ride, he decided to give me a really, really long hug. I will not turn that down!

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After the hay ride, the boys quickly ran over to the other tractor-pulled ride...the little barrel train.

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And yipee!...this year they got to ride it all by themselves! (Casey and I were just glad we didn't have to cram ourselves into that barrel and sit on the not-very-wide plank that serves as the seat while the tractor hits every bump possible in the pumpkin patch.)

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Happy as a barrel.

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While Logan couldn't stop talking about the tractor, Ethan kept asking when we would do the hay bale maze. After the animals, that was probably the thing he loved most about our time out here last year. Who knows why that kid loves mazes so much, but he totally does.

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The boys and Casey played hide and seek in the maze, which they thought was a total blast. And a pretty selfless thing for daddy to do since he's highly allergic to hay.

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Here's the funny thing...the maze wasn't even complete because it had rained the weekend before. So, the boys got to see the tractor in action moving hay bales into place. They thought that was pretty cool.

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Right before we left, the boys picked out two small-ish pumpkins for themselves and one medium-sized one we will use for carving when we're closer to Halloween. A fun morning, plus our pumpkin picking all done...a great way to start October.

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(PS - Logan's pumpkin is sitting in the middle of our kitchen table as a sort of centerpiece and Ethan's is on his shelf in his room!)

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Christina said...

So fun! I love that the boys rode in the ride together. We are scheduled to go to the pumpkin farm end of October- very excited.