Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas at Memaw and Papaw Cooke's House | 2013

We got together with Casey's extended Cooke family a few days before Christmas this year. The first thing we did was eat lunch. Scratch that. The first thing we did was wait about 2 hours for everyone to arrive and then we ate lunch. Or dinner. Whatever you would call a meal at 4pm. I relate that with fondness because I was not always prepared for this Cooke family quirk. But, now I am. (We have snacks or lunch before we leave home now!) If you're not starving, it's no big deal to hang out and wait for the meal.

The waiting leaves plenty of time to catch up with cousins, or second-cousins, as the case may be with Lily.

 photo IMG_8234_zps2001d711.jpg

We did indeed have lunch, and then the children were suddenly unable to resist the urge to mess around with the presents under the tree. We took the cue to go ahead and let them open gifts.

 photo IMG_8252_zps8feb24c8.jpg

There is no time like right before opening presents to snap a quick cousin photo. You can say things like, "whoever takes the photo gets to open their presents." And then, like magic, they will comply.

 photo IMG_8265_zps78548f56.jpg

It's only fair (and funny) to show the opposite side of the photo...the paparazzi. (PS - how cute are Memaw's hanging wreaths and Christmas tree? Love them.)

 photo IMG_8270_zpsfdd84675.jpg

Logan tears into his first gift, which I think was an Elmo magnet book.

 photo IMG_8276_zpsdbffe15d.jpg

He loved it and immediately starting taking out all the little magnets. (Keeping track of all the toy pieces at family Christmases is a task, let me tell you.)

 photo IMG_8277_zps1c9755ad.jpg

And here's Ethan's first gift...

 photo IMG_8280_zpsfe2564c2.jpg

It was a United States Atlas book. I can still hear Memaw's uncertainty when she asked me what he would enjoy, and I told her he would love something like this. But, she became a believer when he opened it and said, "Look! It's a United States map book!" So thrilled.

 photo IMG_8283_zps097896c2.jpg

Memaw and Papaw's other gift for the boys was a set of remote controlled bumper cars. You know those were a big hit.

 photo IMG_8291_zps2c2756be.jpg

Surely we are not the only ones whose men love to play with the toys as much as the kids. Especially the remote control variety. (Every year.)

 photo IMG_8304_zps0965d8c0.jpg

The cars were moved to the kitchen so there was more room to play and learn how to use them.

 photo IMG_8308_zps01706303.jpg

There are two riders, one on each car. When they do bump each other or something else, the rider ejects. The boys found that really fun and funny.

 photo IMG_8313_zps49062ab8.jpg

The adults are watching the kids play with their toys. And Casey is giving me a weird look.

 photo IMG_8317_zpsd963522e.jpg

Speaking of weird looks, these are three silly siblings. I love how Chelsea and Casey are both doing a nose flare. They did not coordinate that. We just snapped this one randomly. They must be related.

 photo IMG_8322_zps6122039f.jpg

And now for the normal one. They all have great normal smiles too.

 photo IMG_8323_zpsd0f8aa35.jpg

The ladies of the Cooke clan.

 photo IMG_8343_zps01ef0e88.jpg

And me and Casey. This was minutes before our children began to have melt-downs due to too much sugar and no sleep. So goes Christmas with small children.

 photo IMG_8325_zps304cc481.jpg

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