Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Cookies | 2013

This year we made Christmas cookies at Mimi and Pop's house since that's where we were living. Somehow we tend to wear PJ's when we bake. That may be because we just wear PJ's a lot.

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First, in goes the butter. I always cut the 2 sticks of butter into as many slices as possible so that they can toss in as many pieces as possible.

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Staring at the dough as it's coming together...

 photo IMG_8375_zpsf782e11b.jpg

We have dough! Now, to pat and roll so we can cut our cookies. The boys always get such a kick out of sprinkling the flour right on the counter. It's very contrary to our normal habits of wiping things off the counter.

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Taking turns with the rolling pin...

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 photo IMG_8388_zps77c7c63c.jpg

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And now they've selected cutters and press them into the dough. Press and wiggle. Ethan now remembers just what to do. Logan is still learning, but does a good job.

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 photo IMG_8395_zps4cfe4cb5.jpg

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After we've cut out all of our cookies, we take a break for them to bake. And this is the state of the kitchen post-cookie making. It should almost make me break out in hives, but for some reason, I love this tradition and baking with the boys so much that I can somehow handle it.

 photo IMG_8401_zpsa8317279.jpg

And we're back...with a clean counter top and some cookies to decorate! (And different PJ's).

 photo IMG_8408_zps8602b1ca.jpg

 photo IMG_8410_zpsa9645615.jpg

Ethan knows that he prefers cookies without sprinkles, so he usually applies more icing and less sprinkles. Logan loves to use the sprinkles.

 photo IMG_8414_zpse0ed1fd5.jpg

 photo IMG_8415_zpsf76c5c3d.jpg

 photo IMG_8418_zps30932c7f.jpg

We did not wait to taste-test these cookies. The icing was not even dry yet.

 photo IMG_8428_zpsec29ce51.jpg

I think they were tasty.

 photo IMG_8434_zps11a230b5.jpg

Ethan gives them a thumbs-up.

 photo IMG_8442_zpsb8cbf76c.jpg

 photo IMG_8448_zps797d87b6.jpg

And here they are. Minus the two that were already eaten!

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