Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas with the Cookes

We got together with Casey's immediate family this year on Christmas Eve. We were the first to arrive so I was able to snap a quick shot of the boys before the cousins came. Once they arrive, my boys are all about playing with them.

 photo IMG_8457_zpsa41ca6db.jpg

Logan started playing with Nonnie's Christmas decorations, which were awesome.

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 photo IMG_8466_zpse04e9d11.jpg

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Then Nonnie pulled out a couple of game pads. I can't remember the exact name, but they were super fun. In trying to figure out how they worked to show the boys, I became addicted!

 photo IMG_8474_zpscaa2efe2.jpg

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When everyone arrived, it was time for lunch. Just look at the cute kids' table.

 photo IMG_8467_zpsac217be5.jpg

 photo IMG_8486_zpsfd008679.jpg

 photo IMG_8483_zpscb27a3d2.jpg

This year, Nonnie had a big, long table set up in the living room for ALL the adults. It was fun with all of us at the same table. And I just love her Christmas plates.

 photo IMG_8462_zps77dc0929.jpg

After lunch, the table was folded and cleared away so that the entire living room could be dedicated to presents. With 6 grandchildren, there are a lot of presents.

 photo IMG_8547_zps7b045f04.jpg

Ethan was thrilled to see Sully and Terry/Terri from Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Chad. Thrilled.

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 photo IMG_8567_zps887348f9.jpg

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Super fun hats from Aunt Linda and Uncle Jeff were big hits. We will wear them for the rest of the winter.

 photo IMG_8597_zps6624a982.jpg

 photo IMG_8608_zps29119844.jpg

The boys' last presents were from Nonnie and Papaw....big boxes.

 photo IMG_8629_zps921a5134.jpg

With bikes inside! Ethan got a razor 360 bike and Logan got a Harley Davidson trike.

 photo IMG_8636_zpse8a681d6.jpg

Of course, daddy and Papaw had to get to work putting them together so the boys could try them out.

 photo IMG_8648_zpsee982e8e.jpg

 photo IMG_8639_zpsc51724ab.jpg

 photo IMG_8644_zpsc36665c9.jpg

Both boys loved Avery's toys...especially this vacuum cleaner. It's their favorite chore at home too. Although this one is really cute, I do love it when they use the real thing!

 photo IMG_8652_zps33bc6c49.jpg

Logan's "motorcycle" is now assembled and operational. He even got a Toy Story helmet.

 photo IMG_8655_zps44988483.jpg

Next up was Ethan's bike.

 photo IMG_8694_zpsb73ab688.jpg

Thank goodness it was a nice day so the boys could test out their bikes in the driveway.

 photo IMG_8703_zpsf742e143.jpg

Ethan's back two wheels turn 360 degrees, which makes for some fun spinning. And the lever he's pulling in the photo below lowers an arm that scrapes the ground creating sparks.

 photo IMG_8719_zps640b6861.jpg

 photo IMG_8710_zps5b8792e7.jpg

 photo IMG_8753_zps5c71ad5b.jpg

Daddy just had to try out the razor bike because it looked so fun to spin around and around. Never mind that he's really too tall for it.

 photo IMG_8744_zpsb005e4d1.jpg

Logan's trike came with several motorcycle sounds and also a CB radio, which he loved.

 photo IMG_8758_zps861e7125.jpg

After riding bikes, the fun switched to the back yard and the trampoline. We are fortunate to have had such great weather at Christmas time so that the boys can play outside. Considering the very cold winter we have had so far, it's especially great.

 photo IMG_8678_zpsddb5f1ee.jpg

 photo IMG_8675_zps18d10b4b.jpg

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I don't know how we got all the cousins to participate in this all at once, but we did. Nonnie got all of them these cute/funny lip whistles with paper beards attached. The kids did get a kick out of them.

 photo IMG_8767_zps3b9542ed.jpg

We also took the opportunity to take a few family group photos. Here is Nonnie and Papaw with all their grandkids.

 photo IMG_8532_zpsaf50a0ea.jpg

And our little family. (Thanks to Chelsea for taking the two photos that I am in from this day.) What a fun Christmas Eve day we had!

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