Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cooke Thanksgiving 2013

Cooke Thanksgiving was at Nonnie and Papaw's house again this year. We love that Grandaddy and Nana always come and join us.

 photo IMG_7668_zps66aeba0c.jpg

And we're happy to have a little cousin, Avery, to play with now too. Casey is working on his "favorite uncle" position with Avery.

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Here's a scene I just had to capture on camera to prove that it happened. Casey is oven mitts...baking the bread for our meal. Or watching it bake, I guess. And then taking it out of the oven.

 photo IMG_7709_zpsf0c246ef.jpg

Because Nonnie thinks of everything, she supplied crayons for the kids' table so they could write on the paper table cover.

 photo IMG_7677_zps887627db.jpg

And write they did. (That's such a sad Thanksgiving plate, but this three year old is particular and stubborn with his food choices. Sigh.)

 photo IMG_7720_zps6ce5add4.jpg

I love that Ethan has all his crayons lined up so he can see his color choices.

 photo IMG_7721_zps8b05d974.jpg

After lunch, the boys went outside to play, of course. Beautiful afternoon.

 photo IMG_7729_zps222ca9fc.jpg

Oh, yeah. We had Duke with us too. Too long for him to be at home alone. He had a great time too, obviously.

 photo IMG_7732_zpsa0965efe.jpg

The trampoline always factors into playtime...

 photo IMG_7757_zpsb536ff5c.jpg

 photo IMG_7776_zps757de8c4.jpg

I guess the rest of the afternoon was just hanging out together and playing because I didn't take any more photos. I imagine there was some football-watching going on indoors too. I love that our Thanksgivings are so relaxed. Just as it should be.

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