Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fair Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving at my parents house this year was the day before Thanksgiving to accommodate everyone's schedules. I still love that we get to all get together for holidays. Logan was excited and ready with his Thanksgiving shirt I ordered on Etsy.

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As usual, my mom had just put up her Christmas decorations since she and my dad were going to be out at the lake house for the first part of December. So, Logan got to have some play time with the Polar Express train around the bottom of the Christmas tree.

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Of course Grandpa was there as was my cousin, Cassie. Take a look at her beautiful braid and bun combo. I have a serious case of hair envy...there's no way my hair would ever be able to sport that look.

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Grandma was there too...and she's tending to the gravy, I think.

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Ethan found the Go Fish cards that my brother and I used to play with as kids. So, we played a few rounds of Go Fish with the boys.

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These kids...they are cute little messes. But, I am SO thankful for them.

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We had a few honored guests with us at Thanksgiving. Our friend, Yoli, celebrated with us again this year and my mom surprised her with a Tiramisu birthday cake from La Madeleine. An Italian cake from a French bakery...go figure! I wish I could say it was good, but I don't like Tiramisu so I didn't try it!

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All gathered around about to say a prayer. Please note that Logan has brought the Leap Pad to the prayer circle. Nice. And my cousin, Shelby, was also able to attend Thanksgiving with us because she is a student at ACU now. She brought her roommate too. The more the merrier!

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Hmmm...dad is near the wine and taking photos. So unusual for him.

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Hey, there's a handsome guy! Casey looks forward to Thanksgiving all year. He absolutely loves turkey and dressing.

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Here's the big boy, who chose ham for his Thanksgiving dinner this year, unlike his daddy.

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My brother and his wife, Jill, rounded out our thankful group. They are such an awesome aunt and uncle to our boys. (And Duke loves them too.)

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