Sunday, December 08, 2013

Trick or Treating: Halloween 2013

This year, we went trick or treating again on Halloween...the boys had been asking about it for weeks. And actually, our neighborhood is really great at it. There are so many fun houses and people sitting outside. I meet more people on Halloween night than any other day of the year. (Too bad we are moving from this neighborhood...high hopes for the new one, though!)

With weeks of preparing themselves for this night, our two super heroes were more than ready to go!

 photo IMG_6805_zps94cbfbc9.jpg

I usually keep these pumpkins inside so we can enjoy them and also so they don't get ruined sitting on the porch. This is my only successful "Martha Stewart" craft to date. But, thanks Martha...I love my masked pumpkins. I sit them out on the porch for Halloween night.

 photo IMG_6811_zps268556d9.jpg

And this year, I bought this purple witch hat at Pier 1 on a whim. Boy, oh, boy did I underestimate the excitement the boys would have when I "dressed up" for Halloween. So, this will be my "costume" for the foreseeable future.

 photo IMG_6828_zpscebadd56.jpg

 photo IMG_6832_zps5196b1a5.jpg

When we had taken the obligatory photos in front of the house, we released the boys to go trick or treating. We did not have to tell them twice..they were off at top speed.

 photo IMG_6834_zps14dbea20.jpg

 photo IMG_6877_zpsc2851378.jpg

It took a little convincing to get them to go up to this door...the giant spiders were a deterrent. But not much...candy is a pretty strong motivator! I took a few more photos of them at people's doors, but they start to all look the same so this is the only one I'll post.

 photo IMG_6883_zps8cf2622e.jpg

 photo IMG_6896_zpsecf42a75.jpg

Things start to get fun after dark...

 photo IMG_6911_zps1b5d4300.jpg

When we got home, I opened up the glow sticks that we got the boys as well as the glow balls that Nonnie got for them. Big hit. Then, I thought about doing some light "painting" with my camera set to a low shutter speed. The boys tried it out first on the stairs...

 photo IMG_6930_zps54220bf4.jpg

Then we moved to the other side of the living room where the light from the glow sticks wouldn't bounce off the walls.

 photo IMG_6948_zps7b326803.jpg

I've seen these photos done much more technically perfect, but we still had a lot of fun experimenting.

 photo IMG_6949_zps92e671b4.jpg

Casey writes his initials...

 photo IMG_6950_zpsb040b78d.jpg

And I handed the camera over to him so I could draw a heart. We had way too much fun with this.

 photo IMG_6954_zpsbe873aa2.jpg

Then we took the glow sticks into the bath before getting the boys in bed much later than usual. Did they sleep in the next morning? No. No, they did not. But it was still a Happy Halloween!

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