Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Preschool Petting Zoo | 2013

This year, Logan completely loved the petting zoo at preschool. He has gotten over his fear of goats from past years and immersed himself in petting the animals.

I think it's obvious here that he's having a good time. When the dimples are this visible, it's a sure sign.

 photo IMG_6639_zpsc93a6765.jpg

 photo IMG_6637_zps340e25ec.jpg

Totally different kid with the goats this year. He loved feeding them.

 photo IMG_6611_zps59ea6680.jpg

 photo IMG_6616_zps8a09d0d3.jpg

And the duck too. This duck was so calm. I guess it would have to be if they're going to pen it up with 13 three year olds. Bless those animals.

 photo IMG_6619_zps7ff7a5d1.jpg

 photo IMG_6644_zps87136595.jpg

Petting a cute little pink piglet...

 photo IMG_6670_zps30241e16.jpg

And holding the tiniest little black was so cute. Can't believe I just said that about a pig. But it was.

 photo IMG_6655_zpsa2efed81.jpg

After the petting zoo, the kids head over to the "pumpkin patch" on the other side of the building to find the pumpkin they decorated and brought.

 photo IMG_6684_zpsb62ca4a8.jpg

Logan found his...and then chunked it.

 photo IMG_6686_zpsa9790305.jpg

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