Monday, December 02, 2013

Super Halloween in 2013

This year for Halloween the boys both went as super heroes. We already had the capes, masks, and wrist cuffs. I just got them some long john pants and made their shirts to complete their costumes. I took them to downtown Frisco one (cloudy) evening to shoot some of them in their costumes. I was waiting for a night that had some pretty evening light, but it got down to the wire and didn't happen. We settled for this cloudy evening and a less-than-excited littlest super hero for the shoot.

 photo IMG_6368_zps99d65cf1.jpg

See? He's not feeling totally excited about this. (But I love this is Logan.)

 photo IMG_6350_zps0528bc33.jpg

Ethan was happy to show off his costume.

 photo IMG_6330_zps3ad9e625.jpg

And Logan came around eventually (probably after some bribing, if I remember correctly).

 photo IMG_6395_zps8ff3a87b.jpg

This may be my favorite shot from the evening...

 photo IMG_6384_zpsb11dae45.jpg

Showing off their super-speed.

 photo IMG_6406_zpsc9a7de3b.jpg

 photo IMG_6420_zps938b7e20.jpg

 photo IMG_6440_zps9892cd19.jpg

 photo IMG_6446_zpsa1acfe1d.jpg

 photo IMG_6450_zps0b20e0a6.jpg

 photo IMG_6480_zpsfecb2658.jpg

 photo IMG_6502_zps8e017195.jpg

 photo IMG_6515_zps7e370431.jpg

And this shot is totally Ethan.

 photo IMG_6530_zpsee8454cc.jpg

 photo IMG_6540_zps93bd065c.jpg

 photo IMG_6545_zpsee1b8ccb.jpg

I gave them their bribe (green ring pops) at the very end of the shoot. And then kept shooting. They made for two very happy super heroes. Cuties.

 photo IMG_6580_zpsf8c58ad6.jpg

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