Monday, February 10, 2014

Ice is Nice

I'll go ahead and say that I disagree with my subject line up there. But, the boys definitely enjoyed the ice. That is part of the amazing thing about kids...they get excited about some of the things we dread. Like ice. It's fun to slide around on the roads in the car, mom! Just kidding...they didn't say that. But they could have. My main problem with ice is the cold weather that obviously accompanies it. Not my favorite. But as I said before...the boys loved playing around in it. 

 photo IMG_9886_zpsb6c6a93e.jpg


 photo IMG_9878_zps9933c7cb.jpg

 photo IMG_9881_zpscbfd75f8.jpg

Hooray...freezing temperatures!

 photo IMG_9883_zpsd5abdee4.jpg

Wait...there's way more ice on the driveway than in the yard. Let's go over there.

 photo IMG_9839_zps54ab2aa3.jpg

Ah, yes...much more ice. Good.

 photo IMG_9842_zps5b038f1f.jpg

The Octonauts toys that they had just gotten transferred well to outside ice play.

 photo IMG_9845_zps504b3605.jpg

More enthusiastic smiles for the cold, white stuff...

 photo IMG_9859_zps1e008d32.jpg

PS - Ethan has had that hat for a few years now. It just keeps stretching to accommodate his head. 

 photo IMG_9863_zps50c1229a.jpg

They found a great stick to use as a writing utensil.

 photo IMG_9856_zps61ab8a5a.jpg

And since the top layer of ice was a little powdery, I thought we'd try getting a photo of them blowing it. Well, we tried.

 photo IMG_9910_zps4cb6ac1b.jpg

This is as close as we got. And the background with the dryer vent and garden hose really makes this a hot shot.

 photo IMG_9918_zps9cabc62d.jpg

This expression right here is why I will endure a few minutes of freezing to watch them play in the ice. Such joy.

 photo IMG_9921_zps25992480.jpg

 photo IMG_9903_zps2a473418.jpg

 photo IMG_9897_zpse0623860.jpg

I will endure a few minutes of cold, but I will not endure snowballs/iceballs. This was my cue to go sit by the fire!

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