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Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum | 2014

Right at the very end of the boys' Spring Break we went to the Dallas Arboretum like we do every spring during Dallas Blooms. It just happened to be a chilly day, which seems to be a pattern this spring.

 photo IMG_1112_zps5949c8fe.jpg

However, it was just plain cold that morning. I should have found them longer sleeved shirts to wear, but I thought they could manage for a few minutes without jackets. And they did, but it kept our photos to a minimum, which is okay. You can tell they are cold here...

 photo IMG_1142_zpsc7c4e0cd.jpg

I always get a few shots of their faces before they smile. He's trying really hard not to because Logan is adamant about doing the opposite of what you want him to.

 photo IMG_1151_zps455d5fe3.jpg

But he couldn't resist for long. That's my Logan...

 photo IMG_1158a_zps411b545d.jpg

He smiles with his whole face and I love it.

 photo IMG_1162_zpsb4392509.jpg

Ethan was just cold, which is funny because he is always hot. He's been like that since he was a baby.

 photo IMG_1164_zps7b50ac08.jpg

I can always count on Ethan to be goofy...

 photo IMG_1175_zps68e2bf96.jpg

And I have a hard time getting a genuine smile out of him these days, but this is one of them. I love when that happens.

 photo IMG_1172a_zps873df793.jpg

The boys put their coats back on and we went further into the Arboretum to see the blooming peacocks. I love these...they are so beautiful. The boys were totally in awe. Logan refused a photo, but Ethan wanted his photo taken by the flower peacock.

 photo IMG_1189_zpsbf9dd3f8.jpg

 photo IMG_1198_zps71ae0891.jpg

They shed their jackets one more time for a few snaps. I made it quick, though.

 photo IMG_1222_zps77dd26d7.jpg

I just love this photo of them. They are making the cutest faces and leaning into one another. Cuties.

 photo IMG_1225_zps07a13b2d.jpg

The flowers are just spectacular. I truly love going every year to see them. It never gets old to me.

 photo IMG_1233_zps93928f68.jpg

We made our way through the Arboretum toward the Children's' Garden. The boys insisted that we stop and look at the purple flowers. And then they did this...

 photo IMG_1238_zps239e68e0.jpg

And there was a little of this... (I still take the stroller because inevitably, someone - Logan - can't make it all the way back to the car, and he's heavy).

 photo IMG_1245_zps53b80a84.jpg

I had given the boys the choice of going to the zoo or the Children's Garden since they were out of school for Spring Break. Ethan immediately said he wanted to go to the Children's Garden and Logan agreed.

 photo IMG_1248_zps4675ba32.jpg

We had arrived at the Arboretum right at 9am that morning when it opens. After about 20 minutes of chilly photos with the flowers, we spent the rest of the morning in the Children's Garden.

 photo IMG_1253_zps7b188086.jpg

I am pretty sure that they explored every square inch of that place. Ethan made certain of that.

 photo IMG_1258_zps788dabd1.jpg

 photo IMG_1279_zps4cd143a8.jpg

It cracked me up that they didn't say anything to each other...they just started doing hopscotch at the same time.

 photo IMG_1289_zps85a47c26.jpg

 photo IMG_1292_zps57b15b16.jpg

They worked together to separate the magnets into categories...plant, animal, and mineral.

 photo IMG_1297_zps1e36270c.jpg

They took turns using the stamp to create a "film strip" of a seed sprouting. Then, they placed it in the viewing wheel and spun it around to see their strip animate. It was actually pretty cool.

 photo IMG_1299_zps79ebcfdb.jpg

Next, they built a flower piece by piece.

 photo IMG_1308_zpsf15579d0.jpg

 photo IMG_1312_zps977df79d.jpg

And then, right up Ethan's alley...they did a scavenger hunt.

 photo IMG_1319_zpse744153c.jpg

Logan was interested and participated, but Ethan was very thorough and took his time with it.

 photo IMG_1323_zps0aa7926f.jpg

How cool is this kaleidoscope? The boys loved it. I kind of had to pry them away from it after a while.

 photo IMG_1330_zps8e073a63.jpg

For about a year now, Ethan has been obsessed with tornadoes. And he got to make one in water. He was so excited.

 photo IMG_1346_zps96f02b03.jpg

The water section was a big hit. At least they managed to stay mostly dry because the wind was still cold.

 photo IMG_1352_zpsa08aaae2.jpg

 photo IMG_1355_zps9762a45e.jpg

They could see the tree house as we had been moving through the garden. Finally, we were on our way to climb around...

 photo IMG_1360_zps7e51c387.jpg

Ethan climbed to the top, while Logan was more interested in walking around and bouncing on the bottom of the net.

 photo IMG_1363_zpseefabdbb.jpg

We made our way through the rest of the garden...including their favorite part...the maze and sword in the stone. After making a big circle, we ended up at the picnic area and had our lunches. And after that we headed home. Another fun trip in the books.

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