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Easter at the Farm | 2014

On Easter we met Casey's family out at Grandaddy and Nana's house to spend the rest of the day. When we got there, we snapped a quick photo so everyone could change clothes. Not everyone was happy (Ethan!) about life at the moment.

 photo IMG_3203_zps987d3808.jpg

After we had lunch (burgers) and a celebration of Chelsea's 30th birthday (with cake), we lined up both sets of great-grandparents and made them take a bunch of photos. It is very rare that they are all four together at once...Nonna's dad and his wife, Betty, on the left side; Papaw's parents on the right side. Here's a shot with ALL the great-grandchildren from Nonnie and Papaw's family.

 photo IMG_3310_zps7e0b3ce5.jpg

And one with just our boys and Casey.

 photo IMG_3336_zps5bb0b083.jpg

After everyone was released from photo-taking, a baseball game started up in about .2 seconds.

 photo IMG_3395_zps79f4a279.jpg

I forgot to mention that Duke was with us having a grand time.

 photo IMG_3401_zpsad66e515.jpg

Ethan is up to bat...I think this is one of the ones he hit.

 photo IMG_3416_zpsc7ef63b8.jpg

 photo IMG_3425_zps3c317686.jpg

Ethan was really funny...he would worry if Duke strayed too far. He didn't want him to run off or get hurt!

 photo IMG_3435_zpsd0552870.jpg

Even Memaw Cooke took a swing! This is very much like her.

 photo IMG_3440_zps75002974.jpg

Next up was dyeing eggs. I purposely put my boys in clothes that I didn't mind getting messed up. And wouldn't you know, my forethought was not necessary...they didn't get a drop on them except a little on their hands. But I'm sure if I'd put them in nice clothes, something would have happened.

 photo IMG_3444_zps97212e43.jpg

 photo IMG_3448_zpsa78e69a6.jpg

They both really love coloring eggs. Very serious about it too...

 photo IMG_3450_zpsf75e5ec4.jpg

Logan mostly just plopped his in the colors. Ethan used the wax crayon a bit.

 photo IMG_3454_zps432ff36b.jpg

We used these cheap tongs I got at Hobby Lobby for the boys' birthday parties a couple of years ago to remove the eggs from the dye. It really helped keep their hands clean. Those little metal scoops included with the dye are a joke.

 photo IMG_3456_zpsb28e8c2c.jpg

I had a couple of pairs of actual Easter egg tongs too. Ethan was super proud of the color and writing on this one. So bright!

 photo IMG_3466_zpsd29c38a9.jpg

Logan dyed more than a dozen eggs in a matter of minutes. He loved it. And then he was done. But he was proud of his eggs. He asked me to watch them dry!

 photo IMG_3485_zpsa9090723.jpg

Here are Ethan's eggs. He was a little more patient than Logan and let his sit in the dye longer....thus, darker, brighter colors.

 photo IMG_3664_zps17b5f7c6.jpg

It really was a beautiful day that day. No rain, although we passed through some on our way down. But the temperature was just right and it was not too windy.

 photo IMG_3525_zpse717bfcb.jpg

We all kind of just hung out outside for a while. Here is Ethan with two of his cousins, Kyle and Carter.

 photo IMG_3527_zps3e549281.jpg

Apparently, running around at top speed wore Duke out! He's on the leash here because we were about to go on a walk.

 photo IMG_3529_zps5c37dfc1.jpg

 photo IMG_3535_zpse64d5c61.jpg

Casey wanted a photo with our boys, his dad, and his grandfathers. There's 4 generations there.

 photo IMG_3543_zpsc3c7f566.jpg

Look, there I am! I handed the camera to Casey briefly to document my presence. This is what he got.

 photo IMG_3550_zps362f8622.jpg

Papaw Cooke, Papaw, and Grandaddy chat while Nonna gears up for the egg hunt by holding all the baskets.

 photo IMG_3559_zpsa94b4840.jpg

Aunt Linda and I took all the kids participating in the egg hunt on a brief walk so that the eggs could be hidden. They were too wound up to go wait inside the house.

 photo IMG_3563_zps7495a5ef.jpg

Burning off energy on country roads is always a good thing.

 photo IMG_3566_zps56565702.jpg

When we got back, all the eggs were hidden and the hunting began.

 photo IMG_3576_zps2d04e56c.jpg

Looks like Ethan has found one!

 photo IMG_3583_zps11803445.jpg


 photo IMG_3584_zps5bc6f92c.jpg

Such a cool place to hide and hunt eggs.

 photo IMG_3590_zpse14b9abe.jpg

 photo IMG_3596_zps2115a29a.jpg

 photo IMG_3599_zpsb8c41fed.jpg

Ethan was really committed to finding eggs...

 photo IMG_3607_zpsbf5a52e3.jpg

At this moment, I think he was wondering how to get back down. (He made it.)

 photo IMG_3617_zpsaf53af5f.jpg

The peanut gallery of adults watched the kids run around like crazy gathering eggs.

 photo IMG_3655_zpsbd4a0d4f.jpg

Duke ran around too, but we had to watch him closely because there were chocolate eggs hidden along with the plastic kind!

 photo IMG_3662_zps5b7e6df5.jpg

Someone is proud of their stash.

 photo IMG_3668_zpsbfb7e88f.jpg

Nonna got the boys a small Easter bag with some goodies. One of the items was a truck for each of them. Logan knew immediately what he wanted to do with his and wasted no time getting to Grandaddy's garden and the dirt.

 photo IMG_3684_zps90c99e19.jpg

 photo IMG_3696_zps432a7395.jpg

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