Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Tractor

Mimi and Pop got the boys a new riding tractor with trailer. Just because. The boys are in love.

 photo IMG_2772_zps044374f2.jpg

This boy especially loves tractors. And driving.

 photo IMG_2787_zps18b8e623.jpg

Duke has learned to move out of the path of the tractor when needed. Because the boys don't slow down for anything.

 photo IMG_2811_zps46a5a6e3.jpg

Now they each have a vehicle to drive. They had been doing well taking turns driving the truck that we've had for almost three years now. But that was just good practice for taking turns driving the tractor. It's also nice that we have twice the space in our backyard now in the new house.

 photo IMG_2822_zps945f6c5f.jpg

 photo IMG_2837_zps66f7313e.jpg

Logan is actually surprisingly good at throwing it in reverse and driving backwards.

 photo IMG_2846_zps0e0e9880.jpg

We took the governs off both vehicles so now the boys really zip around the back yard. They run down the batteries faster, but that's what they're for. Weeee!

 photo IMG_2848_zps8f495b5b.jpg

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